i can relate to this.
playing 4k hdr video, mpc-hc and madvr, windows 10.
im checking the stat, madvr reported no dropped frame (playing at 2xvideo fps and 72fps fixed).
svp setting loaded succesfully upon playing video but both video fps mode doesnt feel smooth and just like playing at the original 23fps.

i noticed after carefully wathing the video, that smoothness only appears  sporadically
looks like having something to do with motion vectors grid?
i tried with 4px at first and theres barely any smoothness.
smoothness constantly appeared at 16px upwards

So im thinking to buy vr device (available in my local store: playstation vr and windows mixed reality device) to watch my standar video collection (non 360, non 3d, non vr specific content) within windows 10
is that possible?
i heard people been using and able to use psvr to watch their video in pc.

so is there any specific player that support both svp and  those vr devices (and also preferably supports madvr too)

funnily enough, i never put too much care on temperature, and i found that my gpu runs at 84C, the maximum that the target allowed. i remember back then it used to run under 70C.
so i decided to put two noctua 14cm ippc for an intake and changing gpus paste.
in total it cost me around 60buck, so its a 740 dollar saved against buying vega.
now i can put svp and ngu together.


Hi its me again, need a new upgrade path again.
so as my previous post last year, im currently on 7700k (OC 5Ghz) 16GB RAM and 1080ti

my main plan now is to replace the gpu with either vega 56 or 64. i heard people talking that its more than a gaming card, so would i get a decent, probably around the same if not more (hopefully) than 1080ti?
reason: utlizing svp and madvr, i cant get my sweet spot to run smoothly  if i choose ngu for madvr, for now i had to settle with jinc and i feel that them is not sharp enough.

so would i get a more decent svp and madvr performance with vega upgrade (as both are not a game) or with cpu upgrade
i prefer the gpu upgrade first because its easier to replace rather than changing cpu of which i had to dissemble my pc first to do that

edit: and also i decided against taking those 4k tvs last year. im now with a 1440p monitor (samsung chg70)

so its completely normal then and i dont need them to be on the constant 1.00 all the time?
but then, how do i know that my playback is well optimized without a dropped frames because of the settings is too high load?
i use madvr for examples above because its easier to view those dropped frames, but preferably id like to use evrcp to put less strain to the gpu and theres no sure way with evrcp (as far as i know about) that my playback is without dropped frames. as close i can do is looking at the framerate and clock counter moving about 99-100%

So my problem here is that, my SVP index is alway in the yellow and red zone, but CPU load is around 40-60%. Is there anyway to distribute those last few drops of percentage to somehow make SVP Index on the green again?
ive been thinkering with threads counts but its still the same.
Settings here:
test video: Bluray disc, 1080i30fps -> 1440p 144fps

this is on "auto" threads count
as you can see, SVP index fluctuated around yellow and red. Also, what did CPU cores percentage and % utilization differ?

i change to 7threads (as close to my CPU of 8 threads (i can only choose either 7 or 9 threads. is that normal?)
got a massive dropped frames here

just in case, i try 23 threads
looks no different than "auto"

any helps is welcomed and appreciated


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mpc-hc handles dvd menu for me, at the very least, all menu and title is accessible even though its a black screen. you can still access the menu, just hover at the black area until the arrow cursor turns into hand cursor.

i have blurays of 23 and 60i, smooth as a butter with svp doing 60, 72, and 144 (though i mainly use 72 as 144 bring my system to its knees)

definitely the source or the display (is that even possible?) btw if its help, my display sometimes need a restart if i chnage the rr apart from its native if i dont, windows acting strange like stuttering like hell

if you want settings and explanation, this two is the best pace to get them:

also, if you want a more quick way for a "vibrant picture" with madvr, you could change the black level with ctrl+alt+shift+y/i


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384.28 and still crashes with cuvid.
tried downgrading to 2 version behind its still crashes.
weird, i remember vividly doing just fine with cuvid and svp because this one day i accidentally activated 60fps cuvid deinterlacing with svp, and svp doing nothing. no crash


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cyntek wrote:

Has this been resolved or still up in the air for the fix ?

on previous version of nvidia driver i think cuvid works.
updating to 384.94, cuvid crashesn agan

It's me again.
So I decided to put the final piece for my pc, the display.
For 4k, I'm undecided between monitor or TV.
I'm unfamiliar with monitor, so for a comparison, I'm using Sony x85d/x80e tvs.
For their price point which isbetter to choose , monitor or TV?if there's any brand and or type, please do tell.

im back again. thanks for all the feedback though never id been more confused after reading all those jargon than before asking the question.
so i decided to go the easy route and choose i7700k with 1080ti .
initally want to build an itx, but the gpu is 325cm length so a standar atx for now

i think im going to up the games to i7 7700k or ryzen 1800x. so 1800x beats 7700k for svp right?
regarding 1070, how about madvr?
isnt those loads as much as gaming?
the lads from avs recommends 1080 for max performance and good 4k  (though 1070 rightly in the sweet recommendation spot)

after 6 years never post here again due to lack of hardware, i decide to built one suitable again
cant decide which more suitable between i5 7600 or ryzen 7 1700
and about the gpu , from svps wiki the list never updated, so its safe to assume that its more than enough for gpu thats above gts 250? (though i vividly remember that my old 6870 can barely keep up with all the svp load though im only using a core2duo then maybe thats why)

currently on FHD, maybe moving to 4k in about 2 months.
i5 7600 or ryzen 1700?
gpu to choose? comfortable with 1070 pricepoint, but could force for the cheapest 1080 like those mini version or 1080ti founder if needed


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MAG79 wrote:

You can add new profile while playing video with deintarlacing. You should see something like 720x480@60 (or 720x576@50). Click "Save", then open profile settings window and choose "smoothness improvement: Do not smoothing video".
After that go to menu, switch it to Expert interface and check item "Profile select settings: Profile filter by framerate".

That's all. Now SVP will automatically use this profile with no smoothing when playing deinterlaced DVD.

Hm, somehow I cant make it work.
By that way, its affect my progressive video also, and maybe I do something wrong here and there and in the end cant even SVP'ed the previously OK files (VC-1 mainly). Its ran very slow.
I'd to reinstall SVP though for a simple solution for it to work again.
I guess I need to stick with manually disabled them


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The thing is, my radeon GPU always doubled the framerate when deinterlacing,
and for that matter, SVP'ed the video after deinterlacing gave me a very blurry output, especially when playing dvd.

For now, Id to manually disabled SVP for that, so any chance of this being automatically detected or another simple workaround would be great  big_smile

thanks mate. I read that with microsoft/bing translator, though
the google doesnt work for me, it gives me a "translating...." loop.

By the quick guide at the wiki page, states that the included mpc is configured for svp.
Any info on what configuration that is? Because the update for mpc-hc is quite fast, Id like to use the latest version available of mpc.

About the ffdshow, is there any changes in configuration on that too?
And the profiles for svp, any guide on what each option does? I look at the svp's help files but they're not in English.

I ask this because Im bamboozled with the setting  big_smile and my PC barely can handle files in 1920/1440x1080.
Im on core2duo 3.2GHz and radeon 6870, win7 64bit