Topic: Best player for DVDs/DVD ISOs?

Now that storage is cheap, I've been ripping my DVDs to ISO for the long term, rather than fussing around with encoding programs to spend more time getting a lossier result missing extra features. That being the case, what is the best way to use these with SVP? I've tried a few players...

MPC-HC: Have to first take the extra step of mounting the ISO, then it doesn't seem to handle DVD menus properly at all. Like, it'll play the intro and then just go to a black screen.

Daum PotPlayer: DVD menus don't seem to behave normally with SVP on, and any time it starts a new video it's jerky for a minute or so before becoming fluid.

VLC: DVD menus work fine, video works fine, SVP works fine. Best solution so far, but since SVP necessarily replaces the deinterlacer it's pretty imperfect for DVD content.

So without testing all possible players, what do other people have the best results with?

Re: Best player for DVDs/DVD ISOs?

mpc-hc handles dvd menu for me, at the very least, all menu and title is accessible even though its a black screen. you can still access the menu, just hover at the black area until the arrow cursor turns into hand cursor.

Re: Best player for DVDs/DVD ISOs?

I do see what you mean about the hand cursor on MPC-HC, though actually trying to use it I repeatedly get crashes.