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Topic: friend keeps insisting MADVR makes colors pop out more.

I recently found out about madvr, so I decided to look for some settings. I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Als226cE1lk

a few weeks later, I told my friend about this program. he says the colors are more vibrant with madvr than without. he sent me snapchats, one WITH and one WITHOUT madvr. guess what? they look exactly the same! I told him its just the placebo effect, but he claims its madvr.

I knew the program makes pictures sharper and cleaner, I never knew it messed with the colors in any way. id like to know if anyone else can confirm or deny this.

EDIT: yes, I did my own research before asking this question. I wanted to get others perspective. I can't find any sources stating it effects the color in any way. I want to know if I'm crazy or he is lol.

Re: friend keeps insisting MADVR makes colors pop out more.

if you want settings and explanation, this two is the best pace to get them:

also, if you want a more quick way for a "vibrant picture" with madvr, you could change the black level with ctrl+alt+shift+y/i