Ah, so I can disable this entirely.

That's fine, because I prefer to see the original video without alterations anyway (if it bothers me, I can always zoom in with the video player).

Thank you for this.

Here's the magnet to it.



Filename: For.All.Mankind.S02E10.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta[eztv.re].mkv
Filesize: 727 MB (763,040,109 bytes)
Params as seen by MPC-HC:

Video: HVC1 1920x960 23.976fps [V: English [eng] (hevc main 10, yuv420p10le, 1920x960) [default]]
Audio: DD+ 48000Hz 6ch 768kbps [A: English [eng] (eac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1, 768 kb/s) [default]]
Subtitle: Advanced SubStation Alpha [S: English [Forced] [eng] (ass) [default,forced]]
Subtitle: UTF-8 [S: No subtitles]

I'm watching "For All Mankind" which is set in the '70s and '80s. The episodes sometimes include 4:3 aspect ratio sequences. SVP4 seems to have issues with that, it has trouble switching between 16:9 (well, 2:1 in this case, since the video is 1920x960) and 4:3 when they're in the same file.

I don't even know how it's possible to set this inside a file - but apparently it is (segments? I'm looking at an MKV).

Attaching several images. "AR 4x3 incorrect" shows a scene that got "stuck" in the wrong AR; "AR proper for segment" shows the same scene with SVP disabled. "AR 4x3 previous segment" shows the scene immediately prior to this.

Also, whenever this change happens - SVP just goes bonkers for a good moment (it's probably throwing its buffers away and re-doing the look-ahead). Still, those moments only last a few seconds, so it's annoying that this can't happen faster.

What further info can I provide? I can't give you a sample of the file (several hundred MB), but I can point you to a torrent of it ("For All Mankind", S02E10 at around 43:10).

SVP v4.6.0.246 / Windows 10


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I just wanted to let you know that putting ads in my system notifications is NOT OKAY.

Not only does it not pertain to apps I'm using, might use, or have the chance of using - but I also did NOT consent to any sort of advertising, least of all in my system notification area.

Please stop doing that.


Cool, thanks.


In the latest update (just today), I ran into an error:

Error during installation process (opt.vps_portable64):
Execution failed (Unexpected exit code: 1): "cmd /C C:/Program Files (x86)/SVP 4/avsf/register.bat"

I checked, and there is no such folder "C:/Program Files (x86)/SVP 4/avsf", so I'm not surprised that the step fails.

I selected "Ignore" and continued the installation.

SVP seems to be running correctly, or at the very least I don't see any issues.

Should I be worried?

I see.

Thank you.


I'm having a bug where SVP keeps sending me notifications that there are updates available. The application (right-click menu) also says "Updates available".

What is listed, however, is "SVP for Android - 2021".

Clicking "Install via SVP Maintenance tool..." launches the updater, which proceeds to say "No updates available." (as I expect, since this is Windows, not Android).

However, in a few hours I once again receive an "Updates available" notification from SVP..........

This has been going on for days, now (possibly longer, but I've been noticing it more and more as it's irritating me more the more it happens). Can you please give me the option to stop receiving update notifications for a product I'm not using, and will not be using (iOS/Apple, and I don't watch videos on a phone anyway)? It's annoying.

Interestingly enough, I also have a licence for macOS, and this does not happen under macOS (10.12) for me. It seems to be Windows-specific - but it could also be that I'm not keeping up-to-date on macOS (since it's only listing youtube-dl which I install separately, and I don't use the YT player integration either).

Please and thank you.

SVP 4 Pro
OS: Windows 10


I've noticed a number of threads referencing issues w/ VFR. I've had some of those issues (in fact, I'm sure VFR is to blame), and I've seen the 2.5x speed-up proposed as a fix.

My question is: can SVP be "fixed" to detect VFR (by some more sophisticated look-ahead, maybe?) in order to prealloc the buffers and fill the first few frames in before it gets to that point? I believe that would "solve" VFR problems once and for all. Action anime tends to be source-VFR (depending on the encoder group, of course), so this "one-place fix" would fix it for every VFR source out there (and believe me, there's a tankload out there).

Secondly, does the 2.5x speed-up "fix" have any impact on performance? I haven't tried it, but I'd expect it to be so...

For now, I've "fixed" the issue by creating separate profiles for SD, 720p and 1080p that don't tank the performance. I probably should've done that from the beginning.

Also, switching to the custom presenter helped in full-screen, though I don't use it as much (because of UI loss).

Also, I finally ran into issues w/ the Mac version - had to create presets there as well, in the end. For now, it's working okay. I'll report back when I move to some newer CPU and have something to compare to.



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@maikpluto - you might get more help by opening a new thread instead of hijacking an old one.

Okay, I'm open to suggestions. I also use LAV + madVR (right now using EVR/CP) + ReClock, and the performance for 1080p is bad at medium settings.

Okay. Enabling D3D Fullscreen does help, though it removes any UI from MPC-HC.

I find it puzzling that SVP4Mac has a much, much better performance on a 7yo CPU w/ a 7yo GPU than SVP4Win on my FX-8350 w/ this year's GPU. sad

Just purchased and set up SVP4Mac with mpv/IINA on a Mac Pro from 2010 -- it has dual Xeon quads, one of which should have slightly worse performance than my FX-8350, and a Radeon HD5770. Yet when I run SVP on that machine, it barely even registers at maximum settings (<2% CPU use), while on my system it's constantly around 70%+ with medium everything. Why is that?

Am I insane at this point?


Yes, tested on the same source material.

Chainik wrote:

also ensure that all the video enhancement features in the video driver are off

I have the nVidia driver. Could you at least hint ay what I should be looking for?

(for the record, I don't enable any video enhancement if it's labeled as such - these modes typically do too much; I work in video editing/grading, so I'm very used to watching footage "as-is" and in fact prefer it now; so unless these are on by default, I did not specifically enable any)

dlr5668 wrote:

> better/worse
it doesnt matter if u have more than 20 skipped frames per minute

No, I mean - it generally worked well in full-screen, except when it couldn't keep up... It definitely worked for 480p content, and EVR-CP is clearly struggling w/ 480p content in 1920x1080.

I just don't understand how I can have perfect motion at 1800x1070 (estimated - I have my toolbar on the right side). I mean -- almost full-screen (maximized window) gives me perfectly smooth motion, but entering full-screen makes playback all jerky as if SVP was entirely disabled. <-- that's what I can't figure out - I mean, more resizing should introduce more performance issues, not less?

And even if the final push to 1920x1080 was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, would it collapse entirely on itself? I'd expect gradual degradation.

I'm not entirely sure, but it feels as if the mode change is the culprit.

"PS grid 12 + global refiment is too much for your cpu. Try to increase grid"

It works perfectly well in windowed mode. Not sure why it wouldn't work well in full-screen.

Fun fact: when EVR-CP works worse in full-screen (for me), madVR actually worked better in full-screen than it did in windowed mode. Go figure.

Okay, there's a major issue w/ the EVR-CP setup: in windowed mode everything's fine, but for some reason when in full-screen mode, the video majorly lags behind audio, to the point where every 4s the audio cuts off to allow video to catch up.

This happens more often and is more pronounced the higher the original video fidelity: it'll happen 100% for 1080p, while for 480p it'll just result in the video looking like there's no smoothing at all. Also, there's a lot of tearing (even for 480p), which might be somehow related.

This only happens in full-screen mode.


// edit
As a fun aside, if I happen to pause and exit full-screen while the video is still catching up, it'll continue playback (just the video!) and there's no way to pause it (the player claims to be in pause mode, but alternating between play/pause has no effect). The player needs to be shut down.

For now, I will try sticking to EVR-CP. It definitely works good enough, and I don't really see the difference from madVR... Maybe some color change, but I probably wouldn't notice (I'm used to slightly washed-out chroma much more nowadays, much like I'm used to much less compression on sound).

I still don't get why madVR was such an issue, though.

Not today, but in some time I'll try resetting it and changing settings one at a time to see which one is the offender -- assuming it's one, not a combination. We'll see. Will it be okay for me to append to this thread once I do?

Thanks again.

So, why is EVR better than madVR? I thought I had enough processing power for madVR. Was I wrong?


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Now that I've switched from using madVR to EVR-CP (see this topic), it behaves much like it did before, but now instead of hanging it always crashes with an error dump like:

WARNING: Following frames may be wrong.

It seems that this has a fair amount of dumps for that specific bug report. Could all (or most) of them be SVP users?

Also, I've been using x86 instead of x64 because it uses avisynth -- I didn't know how to set it up for x64.

It crashes fairly often on seek w/ that error dump.

MASSIVE improvement.

What's going on? Also, as soon as I first seeked, it crashed with

WARNING: Following frames may be wrong.

Seems to be stable... for now...


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Whenever I seek in videos, I have a fairly high chance of hanging MPC-HC. Doesn't matter if I click in the timeline or use the skip-to-keyframe shortcuts.

It happens more often if I do it during playback (ie. it tends to happen a bit less often if I pause, seek and then unpause).

For some files, I have almost 100% chance of hanging on seek - there are files/encodes which I sometimes need to re-start 20-30 times before I'll be able to seek to where I was in the video before -- because I'll try to seek, it'll hang, I'll have to close the player and reopen it, try to seek, it'll hang...

I've experimented w/ the option to disable SVP while seeking. Back when I was using SVP3, disabling the fast off/on option (ie. having it rebuild the frame index w/o turning off) helped, but it was generally very bad in terms of quality (obvious buffer artifacts).

Is there anything I could do to fix this?


  • MPC-HC x86 v1.7.11

  • madVR v0.91.8

  • ReClock v1.8.8.5

  • SVP4 Pro


  • CPU: AMD FX-8350

  • RAM: 2x 8GB + 2x 4GB (total 24GB)

  • GPU: GeForce GTX1080 FE

I'm having performance issues on Windows 7 x64, using SVP4 v4.1.0.114 (registered).

When I was using SVP3, the video looked a lot smoother. For some reason, when I run the video player in a small window (about 1/4th of Full HD size), the video seems smooth and fluid. At full screen / big window, it seems jerky and feels like 24/25fps despite SVP telling me it's going at 59.something FPS.

It worked fine w/ SVP3 w/ big source files. The same source files now produce jerky motion.

I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU, and GTX-1080 for the GPU. I have 3 displays, but usually only use the central one with the other 2 disabled (I use them only for full-on coding sessions, really).

As I look at my Performance Monitor, I can see SVP Index fluctuating between 0.99 and 1.01. Memory is at about 1.5GB, and CPU in Overall mode seems to be varying between 75% and 89%.

Please advise as to what I could do to improve my video fluidity.

Lately I've been doing "Alter video frame size" => "Decrease to HD", and it helps. I'd like to watch 1080p content in 1080p, though.

I'm probably doing something wrong, but I'm not aware what.

Software I use:

  • MPC-HC x86 v1.7.11

  • madVR v0.91.8

  • ReClock v1.8.8.5