Thank you for your precious help. I get good results using your settings. MPV is now my main video player, let's use it for a while.
In fact the motion flow of my projector is way better than SVP so SVP image interpolation won't be active most time, but in some specific cases it will be welcome.

By the way, I used this tool to generate a config file :
This tool made bad video settings so I replaced them by yours, but for the other thing it is rather usefull.

Thank you for you answer. I've been using MPCHC for 15 years and it is totally integrated in my home automation system, my remote, etc. Madvr offers a ton of usefull settings, zoom, crop, color space, Nits, mapping, everything is fine tuned with different templates depending on the resolution, etc.

I tried MPV last year and I cried when I saw how counterintuitive it was. I spent one hour trying to get things working basically, then I gave up. I found almost no community/help on google for setting MPV and integrating it in kodi on windows OS.

Anyway, I can give another try to MPV if you say it solves everything... And I'll try to use your config file.
It need it to be totally integrated in my HTPC so that I can launch it from kodi and go back to kodi whenever i want, using my remote.


I've stopped using SVP (pro) when I started watching HDR content. It's pretty sad. I can't get rid of MPCHC.
Currently I use MADVR tone mapping to convert HDR to SDR, but SVP is still not working, showing greyed images.
Is it possible to put SVP/FFDShow after Madvr so that it gets only SDR 4k content? Currently ffdshow is a "raw video filter" in mpchc.

EDIT : another idea : can't I use ffdshow tryouts as a raw video filter? This fork is supposed to work with 10bit HDR content.

On my side the HDR rendering is now working, but I can't get anything smooth in 4K HDR, even in 30fps. I can get 4k videos smooth as long as they don't have HDR. If HDR+4K, the image gets jerky. My CPU load stays around 50% and SVP rendering index is 1.0 . madvr says the rendering time is 9.8ms. So it should be butter smooth. Without SVP the  rendering is smoother on HDR movies.


I have SVP 4 (up to date) and the fixed v17.11 build. mpv-1.dll is nowhere on my computer and mpc-qt is asking for it. I followed the instructions in the first page, path is ok. What's wrong?
I'm sorry to say that, I think I'm gonna give up with SVP. Since I switched to a 4k projector, I can't get 4k content correctly smoothed in MPCHC using SVP, even 8bit stuff. Having a 1080 o/c and a 2600k o/c, it is rather disappointing. I've spent hours trying to tune the settings. With some 4k content it is ok, but most time I get frame drops.


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I can confirm : I still need to disable FFDSHOW RAW filter when I watch a SSIF file, if not mpchc will show a monoscopic image.


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I had this problem too. Thank you for sharing this solution.


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Indeed, 2600k inside. I forget this idea. Thanks


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Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

This is likely madVR's fault as it can be quite the performance hog.  Protip: set SVP and LAVfilters to use your integrated Intel GPU while madVR uses your discrete GPU.


I'm tempted to try this, but before experimenting, let's check whether it's a good idea...
I'm currently using MPC+SVP+MADVR on i7@4.4Ghz + GTX960@1.5Ghz 2Gb
Currently the h264 1080p is managed flawlessly (except MVC), but I'm interested in getting more power so that I can manage HEVC content in 1080p and 4K. The diffuser being a 1080p 60Hz projector.

Is it a rock stable method to activate the intel HD Graphics 3000 and rely on this for SVP? I mean, because I currently have two displays, I don't want to get an erratic behaviour each time I restart the PC, or any other event regarding displays and desktops. For instance, If I have to create a new extended desktop in order to activate the iGPU, I'm afraid of side effects (losing mouse, apps, vidéos that would go on this virtual desktop).

Last question, is  HD Graphics 3000 powerful enough to compute a good SVP interpolation?


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I can play MVC content on MPCHC using LAV Filter, how can I get SVP 4 PRO to work?
Using FFDShow Raw Filter break the 3D chain, I get only one 1080p image...

I don't want to use Stereoscopic Player.