So I tried selecting my intel IGPU (from the 9900k) instead of my 1080ti to see if Quicksync is faster as it is in Premiere but somehow it keeps using the 1080ti when using SVPCode. Any way to force it?

Chainik wrote:

I believe SVPcode does exactly the same thing.

I was following the guide although still cant figure out the part about MPV with Vapoursynth but at least I got one converted already smile

So I was using this guide:

To convert my 4k30p videos to 60p that uses Hybrid.
Is there any easier way to do this from within SVP ?
I have a license that I use for SVP on my HTPC but I will be happy to buy another if I could convert my 4k30p videos to 60p.



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HardesFaktor wrote:

Tested new mpv version with 4K movie content (Blade Runner) with my i7-2600 and GTX 1070 with 48fps and lowest quality settings in SVP and got SVP Index between 0,8 and 0,9. Before new mpv version i had SVP Index between 0,7 and 0,8. It was improved but still not playable for me hmm i know my cpu isnt good enough. At least I can play 4K content (Also only with 48fps and lowest quality settings in SVP) with mpc-hc but not with HDR (ffdshow doesnt support HDR yet).

Still, for me the mpc-qt has better (best) performance with 4K content than the mpv default player. If you enable hadware-accelerated decoding and CrystalHD/CUDA hardware decoding backend in mpc-qt you get some more performance stability. In some sences of the same 4K movie (Also Blade Runner for this test) I get smooth 48fps, but in other scenes it stutter again. But care, you need a high end gpu for that settings in mpc-qt.

Well, I think the only chance to play 4K content is to buy newer CPU, or wait for further versions with improved performance.

Are you doing anything special to play the UHD (4k) content with SVP and MPC-HC? Last time I tried it was really slow but likely my HTPC is not up  to part in specs even with the overclocking. Maybe my main PC could handle it but is nowhere near that projector room. smile

chengening wrote:

Thank you very much!  It did works!

And may I ask another question?   

Is there any way to play BD3D with SVP in Nvidia 3D mode?     

I have tried Potplayer,  MPC-BE, Stereoscopic Player 2.14, only Stereoscopic Player 2.14 can do this. But its 3D vision looks strange and make my eyes tired very soon. Now the only way for me is use BD3D2MK3D to convent BD3D to 3D SBS with resolution 3840*1080, and then play it by potplayer with SVP in Nvidia 3D mode.

But it costs many time in conventing video!Every moive need more than 24 hours with "X264, present=veryslow, crf=16, tune=film....." in order to reduce image qualty loss in conventing.

So is there any other good ideas?

Can you provide more information on how you do this? I have been dying to get my 3D blurays to play with SVP because I love the smooth effect to 48fps but have no luck so far.
So far when I downloaded converted ones they were in some half res mode so they looked ugly so I would like to just convert my 3D blurays like you are doing.

Last question...its not really directly for SVP but since my installation o MPV and SMPlayer is per the SVP steps I guess I will ask here.
I am trying to use MPV as it seems to be smoother than MPC-HC but I need the shader script called Adaptive Sharpeners. Someone made it ready to work with MPV but I cannot figure out where to place the script and how to trigger it.
He provided steps here but is not working: … ost1791103

Any ideas?

big_smile Ok , I will see if I can live with that desync...still I have gotten so used to SVP that watching movies without it is like watching a slideshow LOL

Since I have been using and supporting SVP since it came out, I was hoping the Devs could give me a straight answer by now instead of me spending hours playing with configurations only to find out it does not work wink

Hello guys!
I have SVP 4 Pro and use it with the included MPC and MADVR and love it but I miss not having SVP when I watch 3D movies from Bluray ISO which I normally play with PowerDVD.
Is it finally possible to play those with SVP or still nothing?
Thanks! smile


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I noticed the same thing with the latest upgrade. Everything looks smooth and no frame skipping but I need to set audio delay to 300 and then it looks perfect to my eyes.

Well, for now I will stick to 2D and SVP since it seems no matter what at best I can only do half SBS 3D to run 60fps...I dont want to sacrifice image quality.

One question, I am running an old 775 CPU at 4.2Ghz (the E8500) but I can get a quad core for that same 775 platform but will probably run slower.
Is SVP designed to run better with a faster dual core or a slightly slower quad core?


I tried loading the BD iso (mounting it first) in MPC and that did not go into 3d but I will try the ones you mentioned today!
Thank you so much for the support. smile

Well for the ISO rips I must use either PowerDVD 14 or TheaterMedia but since those programs do not work with SVP, I have been trying to use the MPC that came with SVP with other file types like MKV or MT2s but my problem is that  I have not been able to get those 3D MKV or MT2S files to show correct 3D ..everything looks incorrect in placement and depth.

I must say, SVP is amazing! While I use it maybe not at the highest level, for animation I love to use as high as possible while keeping artifacts under control.
My problem is, most animation movies are in 3D which I love with my BenQ W1070 projector so I am stuck between 3D and getting the smooth motion of SVP.
I have not found a way to use Bluray 3D ISOs with SVP.
If I were to use a 3D  MKV or similar file then for some reason, my 3D looks all weird with objects not correctly placed so I am sort of forced into only ripping to ISO so far.
Any help is appreciated! smile