You're not going to get any more then 60fps no matter whet the product if you're using a computer.
60 fps is the max amount that HDMI can handle, anything higher then that is done inside the display or the computer, but in the end the HDMI connection is limited to 60fps.

I don't think it's dead, the date for the last BETA (nightly build) was October 19, 2016. (Version

What's the point ?
UHD Blu-rays are not able to play on unlicensed players.
If you want to watch little 4K video clips that are 10 bit I suppose.
I'll say again though, what's the point ?

No regular Blu-rays are encoded with HDR.
And Dolby Vision, not even any of the commercial UHD Blu-ray players support that, not even Oppo.
Oppo says no Dolby Vision for their new UHD player.

Maybe give it a year or two.

Neither have I, but I will remain hopeful.
The last thing I heard is back in March from Cyberlink and they said they're looking in to it.
One of the moderators on the Cyberlink site also said by 2017 for a drive.

It's too bad it couldn't somehow be implemented, it would solve allot problems when or if UHD-Blu-ray drives are made available to for the PC.
Maybe Chainik should go work for Cyberlink on the side and re-write the software to make it work.
I'm sure it's very easy... big_smile

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:
Jeff R 1 wrote:

Just checked the NVIDIA site and the oldest driver I can find is 355.60, anyone know where to find 350.00 or older ?

Here you go: … a-|-7.html

OK, thanks, but it only provides a link to W8.1, unless that can be used in W10. … nload.html

If this happens with NVIDIA video card? This's because of partially broken video drivers. As of now you have three options:
Rollback to any driver version prior to 350.0,
Turn off "CUVID" video decoding option and switch to "DXVA (copy back)" in LAV Video Decoder (if it's turned ON)
Turn off GPU acceleration in SVP (NOT RECOMMENDED!)

The above has been copied and pasted from the FAQ's if the WiKi, has this been solved yet ?

Just checked the NVIDIA site and the oldest driver I can find is 355.60, anyone know where to find 350.00 or older ?

Thanks for that post NM64, that helped with a banding problem unrelated to the OP's issue.
I simply unchecked everything, even in MAdVR and I now have less banding.
I could never get it to work before.

At 2160p I have 4:2:0 8 bit and no matter the settings in MadVR, I see banding in that scene, but not quite as bad in your screen shot.
It's pretty much gone if I reduce the frame rate or resolution to 1080p _ this allows me to use 4:4:4  12 bit _ it's almost there, but if I hadn't come across this thread and watched that scene, I don't think it would have bothered me.

This is with SVP disabled.
Go into the NVIDIA control panel and set your colour space to 4:4:4 (or highest setting) and your bit rate to the max.
Try it with SVP and SVP disabled _ honestly though I can't see how SVP would cause banding issues or chromatic aberration, it's designed to interpolate frames, not touch colour space or bit rate.

In all cases what ever I did I don't have any chromatic aberration and I don't have Oblivion any more to test with, but I don't remember it being a problem when I did watch it.

An interesting point is that when I used Cyberlinks Power DVD14, the banding was worse again.

At any rate, I'm going to say the problems are in the source material more then anything and has nothing to do with SVP or your NVIDIA card.

Pretty sure I have that movie on Blu-ray _ we'll check and report back.

In many cases it's in the source, and when it is, I find it can be reduced, but never really gotten rid of.
I have a GTX980 as well, but I can't see that as being the cause of it.

Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom.
At the end of the scene where the "troop" has finished raiding the kids the birthday party.
They're full of cake and junk food and are going to sleep after stuffing them selves.
If you keep watching, the night time sky falls and there is some (what I would call) serious banding.

If I set my resolution at 1080p in the NVIDIA control panel and choose chroma subsampling 4:4:4
at 12 bit, I still get it.
At those settings there shouldn't be any.
Doesn't matter what I choose in MadVR...

It gets even worse when I choose a resolution of 2160p as the chroma subsampling drops to 4:2:0
at 12 bit.
And again MadVR can do pretty nothing to correct this.

Now at 2160p, I was told that the best that can happen is 8bit (Sony 300ES Projector) even though I can choose 12 bit in the NVIDIA control panel.
So there must be some sort of EDIT anomaly going here _ so it's really hard to say

At any rate I am convinced that Disney used some pretty piss poor cameras here.

I just looked at your screen shot, that's not that bad, it's far worse in Monkey Kingdom.
As you said, it only happens in some movies _ so I'm going to say it's in the source and there isn't much that can be done about it.

What was the movie that your screen shot is from ?
I'll check and see _ chances are pretty good that I have it.


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I was thinking too much, if the refresh rate of the TVs' panel's is 120 or 240Hz, then it wouldn't need it.
I was thinking if they refreshed at 60 Hz...


(15 replies, posted in Using SVP)

I've had two projectors and one 4K Sony TV all with FI and all function better then SVP.
SVP always has more halo effect.
I found that if I ran SVP and FI on the display at the same time, any defects in SVP remain, the display did not magically clear the defects up.
There was no advantage running two FI systems at the same time.

When playing a Blu-ray for example, if your Blu-ray was filmed at 23.976 fps, set your HTPC to refresh at that rate and disable everything else _ SVP _ Reclock.
I found the least amount of processing the TV receives the better, the TV's "Clear Motion" drive will work better just on its own.
Any 3:2 pull down should be left up to the TV.


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If you're in SVP4, you have to tell SVP to start automatically to load when Windows starts.
It's not "ticked" by default.
To start SVP go to "ALL Aps" and find SVP there.
Click on the SVP icon to load the SVP manager.
You shouldn't have to keep reinstalling it to get it to run.


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So I left "Song Of The Sea" for the time it took me to go out to the garage and bring some Christmas decorations _ 10 minutes, and after that time SVP was working.
An annoying problem, yes, but it does work eventually ???? hmm

Why do some discs work pretty much right away and some take longer ?
SVP 3 didn't have this problem and if it's because of Mediainfo, then there should be a way to disable it.

And my ISO of Hobbit works fine for me too.


(25 replies, posted in Using SVP)

Not all the discs do it, it's tough to pinpoint.
I'll try Hobbit, but that one works OK if I remember correctly.
"Song Of The Sea" and "Inside Out" are at least two of the bad ones, Song Of The Sea being the worst _ it simply will not load, the reader tries to lock on to a track and the SVP4 control panel freezes _ (Not Responding).
The frame counter in MPC will start of at 160 some frames and the slowly drop to 6 FPS _ then start increasing (very slowly) to 23.976 and then creep past that _ it never really plays.

We'll have to find a disc that we both have so you can replicate the problem.

I never did hear back from the developer of Mediainfo either, I sent him that screen shot where it shows a 1 hour and 33 minute movie as over 5 hours.


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Stephanogiusio wrote:

I don't know how to make an iso from a 3d blu ray disc. :<

If you're playing the disc directly just for 3D testing and you're using Stereoscopic player, then you need to have your decrypter running in the back ground.
Stereoscopic player is un-lisenced and will not play commercial Blu-ray disc with out them being decrypted first.

You created a MKV file of a Blu-ray, what decrypter did you use, MakeMKV ?

And to make an ISO of a Blu-ray disc, Imgburn is usually the preferred program, but you still need to have a decrypter running in the back ground.

Those applications that Chainik linked you to may have the ability to create an ISO as well, but I've used Imgburn for years and it works very well.


(43 replies, posted in Using SVP)

stefanogiusio wrote:

No. I said in my post
"it does NOT play 3d movies. And by 3d movies i mean 3d blu-rays (MVC encoded MKV files)."
I use makeMKV so to make them mkv files and watch them with stereoscopic player.
I don't know how to open an .ssif file with Stereoscopic player because it says the movie is encrypted. sad
Did you get it to work with .ssif files?

The ssif file on a 3D Blu-ray is contained the BDMV folder > Stream > ssif.
If you haven't included the ssif folder when you re-encoded the Blu-ray into a MKV container, then it won't play as 3D in stereoscopic player.

Honestly I don't even know if you can make a working copy of a 3D movie with in a MKV file.

The easiest way is to make a 1 to 1 copy of a 3D movie is to use an ISO container.
After which you point Stereoscopic player to the ssif folder as mentioned above.


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I wouldn't call a program that gets things wrong an industry standard _ the way I see it, it's just a free application that doesn't get updated to work properly because it's free.
The first screen shot is correct, but not the second one, it shows a movie that's 1 hour and 33 minutes long to be 5 hours and 27 minutes and with 252 audio streams. sad
I think this is a serious issue if SVP4 relies on Mediainfo to function correctly.
It isn't just this one disc or ISO, it's quite a few _ when it doesn't work it throws SVP4 into a "Not responding" mode.


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MAG79 wrote:

Jeff R 1
SVP3 works without Mediainfo. SVP4 uses it. This is the difference.

Chainik wrote:

I think problems with BD might be because SVP 4 tries to get media info via MediaInfo

Is there a way to turn it off ?
Suite Francaise is reported by Mediainfo as 1 hour and 47 minutes long _ it works there.
Song Of The Sea comes up as 5 hours and 27 minutes and 252 audio streams _ seriously ??? hmm
No wonder SVP has trouble if it relies on information form that program.
Dorky Mediainfo program doesn't work very well.

Mediainfo does seem to be the problem, the Disney movie "Inside/Out" is reported as being over 7 hours long with over 300 sound tracks.
What about using BDinfo _ at least for Blu-ray files _ if that's even possible ?


(25 replies, posted in Using SVP)

So I have a new region "B" disc from the UK of "Suite Francaise" and the actual disc works fine with SVP4 ????
I thought maybe something was fixed, but not so, "Song Of The sea" still doesn't work _ same problem as described above.

Maybe something to do with region "B" discs and why Nintendo Maniacs disc worked.
I took a look at both discs with BDinfo and there doesn't seem to be a difference _ both are at 29.976FPS.

And to further complicate things, the saved ISO of the Disney movie "Inside/Out" acts very strange.
SVP takes forever to kick in, it starts off at 161 FPS and the falls to 29.976 FPS and then it takes all day for SVP to ramp the frames up to 59.94 FPS.
After which, the SVP window shows up indicating that it's enabled.

What has changed or broke in SVP 4, but worked perfectly fine in SVP3 ???

If you want I can post the screen shots from BDinfo...

mashingan wrote:
Jeff R 1 wrote:

It simply becomes a problem if you're in W10 and you set it to "NVIDIA CUVID"

I think it's the problem of driver instead of W10. I've heard the driver already broken even in W7/8.1

Jeff R 1 wrote:

I have a few 4K video clips that work when I choose NVIDIA CUVID, when I choose DXVA2 (copy back), MPC crashes.

That's more like "lack of memory"? DXVA copy back is memory intensive since they're copying back the memory so it can be processed further. And does NVIDIA CUVID really works with SVP for NVIDIA newest driver?

Jeff R 1 wrote:

And for now I won't use W10, I find it's a resource hog, if I leave the computer sit, the task manager starts ramping up, and as soon as I touch the mouse pad, the CPU usage returns to normal, so I have no idea what the hell is taking up the the CPU usage.

Hmm, is that always happening? I never notice this. I'll check it later with CPU usage log info. If that's not happened in my PC, maybe you should check your PC in case of some malware.

I'm using NVIDIA CUVID right now with my GTX 980,  Intels 4770K slightly overclocked to 4 Ghz. and Gigs of RAM _ works great, the processor and video card are not working very hard at all.
I initially got the 980 for dmitrirender and that application does make the 980 work _ it uses around 82% of the cards resources and that number is always changing depending on how complicated a given scene is in a movie when it comes to FI.
Also note that I rolled back to W7 from 8.1, but I never had a problem with either of those with the latest NVIDIA driver.
In the end if it works, I leave it alone, I have no intention of installing W10 _ I like to watch my movies, not have to tinker around with a problematic OS/driver problems.
Hopefully by the time W7 is no longer supported, they will have the bugs ironed out. "They" refers to Intel and NVIDIA.

As for a virus, maybe, but highly unlikely, it's just an HP HDX that I use in the kitchen. This machine gets the new stuff installed _ I use it as the experimentation computer, if it gets screwed up I don't care much if it does, there's nothing of any value on the hard drive. But if W10 can't even function on it, I'm not about to install it on my HTPC. I just don't have the patience any more to trouble shoot buggy new operating systems and piss poor written drivers.

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

Well, Nvidia isn't the only game in town...

I've tried AMD, I find their control panel very difficult to navigate/things seem to be buried.
I did have a high end card from them once _ it was OK, but I just seem to be stuck on NVIDIA
I only bought the AMD card to try their Motion Flow with Power DVD _ Meh....
I returned it later for a refund.

It simply becomes a problem if you're in W10 and you set it to "NVIDIA CUVID"
I don't use W10 because of this, I have a few 4K video clips that work when I choose NVIDIA CUVID, when I choose DXVA2 (copy back), MPC crashes.
Don't ask me why.
And for now I won't use W10, I find it's a resource hog, if I leave the computer sit, the task manager starts ramping up, and as soon as I touch the mouse pad, the CPU usage returns to normal, so I have no idea what the hell is taking up the the CPU usage.
Windows appears to be constantly checking the itself, and I find this very annoying.
Plus there doesn't seem to be a compatible touch pad driver on this old HP HDX 18, the scroll function simply does not work on some application.
I'm just so tired of trouble shooting crap like this for Microsoft and HP _ they expect me to blow another 1000.00 dollars on a new laptop when the old one still works fine.

What NVIDIA driver are you using _ maybe NVIDIA fixed it ???? Probably not though...
Open MPC-HC  right cliclk and go to options > internal filters > video decoder >  choose "NVIDIA CUVID" and see if you don't have any problems.
It's probably set to "DXVA2 (copy back)" 
I believe that's the default setting.