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Topic: SVP does not work after restart


After I install SVP everything is working fine until windows restart.
After restart SVP is not working in any player (including default MPC). TO fix it I must install SVP again. Any ides?

win 8 x64.
SVP version: 0x40000035, build 53

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Re: SVP does not work after restart

If you're in SVP4, you have to tell SVP to start automatically to load when Windows starts.
It's not "ticked" by default.
To start SVP go to "ALL Aps" and find SVP there.
Click on the SVP icon to load the SVP manager.
You shouldn't have to keep reinstalling it to get it to run.

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Re: SVP does not work after restart

Perhaps this could be something that is asked during the installation?  That is, whether to have SVP start with Windows or not.

(this would be an additional option for it, the pre-existing option for startup would still be there)