"Reset on seek" option is for ffdShow players only. It is not applied to VLC player.
I have checked SVP with VLC. In my case SVP-Index is not detected at all smile

Thank you for information.
We will look why it happens.

Если смотреть на вкладке Журнал (отрыть по меню Информация > Журнал),
То эта строчка должна появиться в самом верху, сразу после того, как Вы сохраните файл override.js

Спасибо за информацию.

Похоже, нужна подстройка чувствительности обнаружения смены сцен.
Нам нужна дополнитльная информация:
1. ссылка именно на этот видео-файл и тайм-код описанной смены сцены.
2. отправить сообщение об ошибке из SVP, тогда мы сможем воспроизвести настройки, которые используются Вами сейчас и настроить чувствительность:
SVP меню Информация > Сообщить о проблеме...


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to enable SVPtube verbose log:
1) open All settings: SVP menu Application settings > Additional options > All settings...
2) set new value to setting: tube.verbose = 10

to view log:
SVP menu Information > Events log

to send error report with logs:
SVP menu Information > Send problem report...


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Yes. You need to install component SVPcode:
SVP menu Utilities > Additional programs and features... > Add or Remove components

Also you can check if this component is enabled in SVP:
SVP menu Application settings > Additional options > Extensions

You can adjust audio delay in any player manually, find what exactly value you need and remux your file with this value.

What about audio stream length and video stream length in the source file?
Are they the same?
Maybe audio stream in source file has some delay at beginning?
After SVP the delay is 0 and you get this desynchronization.


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The best way to use right mpv version installed on your PC is to launch mpv from SVP menu: Open file via mpv...

Мне удалось воспроизвести проблему. Происходит, если в SVPtube выбрать плеер MPC-HC. Если же вернуть плеер mpv, то ошибки нет.
Будем разбираться.

Спасибо за информацию.

Проверил у себя именно эту ссылку. SVPManager не вылетает.
Значит, вылеты зависят не только от версии SVP. Видимо, влияет что-то еще.
Сама ошибка очень системная: c0000005 с модуле Qt5Network.dll.
Надо поискать, что в Вашей системе влияет на появление проблемы: антивирус? перегрев? что-то еще?

Для mpv есть аналог NVIDIA CUVID.
Надо в файле mpv.conf вместо








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madVR smooth motion is just frame blending without any motion compensation.
You need to inspect framerates:
- source frame rate
- SVP output frame rate
- display refresh frequency

You can get it from madVR OSD with hotkey Ctrl+J.

These pictures has different aspect ratio. Looks like ffdShow gives this information to renderer, but AVSF - is not.
You need to check what frame size has source video and compare it to both pictures. What picture is most similar to source?
Can you show MediaInfo for this video clip?

Also you can look into SVP log to get more numbers about frame size changings.
SVP menu Information > Events log:

22:52:40.033 (I): Media: video 1280x720 [PAR 1.000] at 30.000 fps (via video player)

SVP menu Information > Additional information > Last generated script:

smoothfps_params = "{rate:{num:2,den:1},block:true,algo:11,scene:{blend:true,mode:0},light:{aspect:1.6,lights:10,border:16,length:120,cell:1}}"


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You can download stand alone version of SVP installer: svp4-pro.4.5.200-1.exe (248,501,088 bytes)
It can installed without Internet connection. You need internet connection to activate SVP license.

P.S Youi are using VM and you need to know, trial functionality is not available under VM.
Why the Trial mode is not available?

Переключить рендер в PotPlayer'е можно на лету: контекстное меню при воспроизведении Video > Video Renderer
LAV-декодер можно включить в настройках: Video > Filter Management > вкладка Video Decoder > пробежаться по всем форматам и указать для них LAV Video Decoder, где он доступен.
Получится: PotPlayer > LAV > AVSF (SVP) > MadVR

You need to setup VLC again. Use instruction:
https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:VLC#I … on_-_macOS


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You need to add new profile.
Then you will find these profile setting.


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It is "waved" artifacts. All interpolation algorithms has artifacts. You can make the artifacts less visible but can't eliminate them completely.
More information in this forum:
Artifacts issue  1906
Subtitle flickering 1407
Waved artifacts on DVD 1312

I use some trick to get this artifacts less visible:
1.  72Hz and 75 Hz custom refresh rate with x3 interpolation ratio.
2. Another SVP-shader with "block" artifacts instead of "waved" artifacts. Them less visible to my eyes.
My SVP Profile settings:
- Frame interpolation mode: Uniform
- SVP shader: 10. By blocks
- Artifacts masking: Disabled
- Motion vectors precision: Half (But for anime it can be One or Two pixels)
- Motion vector grid: 12px (But for anime it can be 24px or 28px)
- Processing of scene changes: Blend adjacent frames

Looks like you have file avisynth.dll in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\MPC-HC
Delete this file and try to playback video again.

If the error still ocurs then reinstall Avisynth+. Links to download you can get there:

You can try option of SVP profile: Duplicate frames removal = Remove every other frame
You can get this option in custom profiles only, not Automatic.
https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:FR … _a_Profile


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So, you need to do the same but on Linux wink


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You need to allow full control to folder. See pictures under link "How to manually set folder permissions" here:

Any interpolator produces some amount of artifacts.
These artifacts are present at calculated frames only. Source frames are not touched. So, the aim is to save all source frames at output.
24 > 60 fps interpolation gives 12 source frames and 48 interpolated frames in one second at output.
24 > 120 fps interpolatin gives 24 source + 96 interpolated.

In this example 120 fps is twice better as it has all source frames.

If you look at 72 fps interpolation it gives you 24 source + 48 interpolated frames in a second. It is all source frames at output and human eye will see them 24/72 = 1/3 of time.


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> 4K 120 Hz HDR

What about FullHD videos? Do you see lag and stuttering there?

Greate! It is working.
After copy this file you can get the same 404 error. You need to restart SVP: exit SVP and launch it again.