A new feature to add to SVP?

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Would SVP team consider AMD FSR 3 frame generation feature in SVP?

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Chainik wrote:

=== RIFE / PyTorch+TensorRT installation ===

I'm SERIOUS! big_smile


!!! Advanced users only, if you don't know what this is all about - you don't need it !!!

0. Update SVP via online updater (this will update Python to ver. 3.10.9)

1. Dependencies installation:
Download TensorRT libs: https://github.com/HolyWu/vs-rife/relea … 2_win64.7z
unpack CUDA-blah-blah.7z to SVP 4\mpv64

run cmd as Administrator

cd SVP 4\mpv64

python get-pip.py

python -m pip install torch torchvision --extra-index-url https://download.pytorch.org/whl/cu117
python -m pip install tensorrt-
python -m pip install torch-tensorrt-fx-only tqdm
python -m pip install -U --no-deps vsrife
python -m vsrife

A quick fix for vsrife's "slowmo" bug: replace __init__.py in SVP 4\mpv64\Lib\site-packages\vsrife\

2. SVP modification
Replace SVP 4\script\generate.js and base.py with the attached ones

menu -> Applications settings -> Additional options -> All settings, go to 'User defined options'
Title: TensortRT; Script name: rife_trt; Other values by default - "FRC profile", "ON or OFF"
Click 'Add option'

Go to the RIFE video profile, see the added TensortRT on/off swtich.
Make a copy of the RIFE video profile, one with TensorRT ON and another with OFF.

For a given video resolution the first-time start is super-slow (while it generates TRT net in a cache folder --> %APPDATA%\SVP4\cache\trt), so better do it in a "transcoding" mode.

Hi, I got an error "RIFE: cuda is not available" when using this with MPC-BE?


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Here is the active log

How do I get the rife ai engine in directshow players running?


Tried "     close MPC-HC
    SVP menu -> Utilities -> Set environment variables for Vapoursynth -> Continue
    run MPC-HC, View -> Options -> External filters, uncheck "Avisynth Filter", add "Vapoursynth Filter", check it and set to "Prefer"

Doesn't work using portable mpc-be x64?

I have the vapoursynth filter running but there is no script in it?

GTX 1660 i have

I got it running i think, but it keeps saying for tensorrt that svp is disabled and that that tensorrt only works with vapoursynth. Is it my gpu not powerful enough?

I tried to use a custom svp vapoursynth script with the vapoursynth filter in vlc/ubuntu linux. I could only get svp working with vlc when svp manager was running. Do I need  a special parameter to get it work with vlc without manager running? Like if use mpv player without svp manager you need "--hwdec=auto-copy". What do I need to get my custom vapoursynth script working with vlc and no svp manager running?


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Hi can amazon pay be brought back as a payment method for svp?

If one uses the svp4 dll files (svpflow) without svp manager running, besides the red rectangle around the video, is anything else disabled? I tried this and it seems to me that the video is smoother until the red rectangle shows up. Am I wrong or right? Is there any other restriction going on besides the red rectangle?


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Does it only work in 64 bit players?


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Was trying it on a different computer without svp manager, just the dll files.

I put in gpuid=11 and changed to nvof==0 ? Whenever I change to "nvof = 2" and "nvof_blk = 4" the player crashes


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ok. For gpuid which value should I choose? I have a gtx 1660. I tried 21 but it says something about unable to initialize gpu renderer or some message like that. 11 works though. Also Im not seeing a big increase in gpu usage and cpu usage is the same?


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Here is an example script, do I have the NVOF part correct? Am I missing something or need something to be deleted?

# This script was generated by SmoothVideo Project (SVP) Manager.
# Check http://www.svp-team.com for more details.
global threads=11




global crop_string=""
global resize_string=""
global super_params     = "{pel:2,gpu:1,scale:{up:2,down:2},rc:true}"
global analyse_params   = "{gpu:1,vectors:3,main:{search:{coarse:{distance:-8,bad:{sad:2000,range:24}},type:2}},refine:[{thsad:250}]}"
global smoothfps_params = "{gpuid:0,rate:{num:144,den:1,abs:true},algo:21,linear:true,block:false,scene:{mode:0,blend:false}}"
global demo_mode = 0
global stereo_type = 0

global nvof = 2

########## BEGIN OF base.avs ##########
# This file is a part of SmoothVideo Project (SVP) ver.4
# This is NOT the full AVS script, all used variables are defined via
# JScript code that generates the full script text.
function interpolate(clip src)
    input = crop_string=="" ? src : eval("src."+crop_string)
    input = resize_string=="" ? input : eval("input."+resize_string)
    nvof=true ? eval("""
        super=SVSuper(input, super_params)
        vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params, src=input)
        smooth=SVSmoothFps(input, super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, src=src)
    """) : eval("""
        nvof_blk = 16
        nvof_src = input.BicubicResize(input.width/nvof_blk*4,input.height/nvof_blk*4,src_width=-(input.width % nvof_blk),src_height=-(input.height % nvof_blk))
        smooth=SVSmoothFps_NVOF(input, smoothfps_params, nvof_src=nvof_src, mt=threads, src=src)
    return demo_mode==0 ? smooth : demo(input,smooth)
    stereo_type==0 ? eval(""" interpolate(input)
""") :     stereo_type==1 ? eval("""
        lf = interpolate(input.crop(0,0,input.width/2,0))
        rf = interpolate(input.crop(input.width/2,0,0,0))
        StackHorizontal(lf, rf)
""") :     stereo_type==2 ? Eval("""
        lf = interpolate(input.crop(0,0,0,input.height/2))
        rf = interpolate(input.crop(0,input.height/2,0,0))
        StackVertical(lf, rf)""") : input
########### END OF base.avs ###########


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Hi, can the developers release the parameters for SVSmoothFps_NVOF when using a custom avs script? On the svpflow plugin page it says "TODO!" Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to use additional avisynth filter(s) in ffdshow alongside svp? How do i do that if it's possible?

I would appreciate if somebody could show me how to correct it.

Does converting a video to 24 fps allow for more smooth motion? I've tried bluesky frame rate converter with my rx 570 and dmitriRender as well and svp. I have most videos in 29.97 fps and when i play them with any of those programs with like mpc-be or mpc-hc they don't look that different than standard playback. I have a video though that is 23.976 fps and it plays very smoothly. I was wondering why? I see in bluesky frame rate converter that there is a option when playing back 24 fps videos that states "Mode 2: Created 1 original frame and 4 interpolate frames when converted 24p to 60p". When this is used on that 23.976 video it plays very smoothly. The other mode is not as smooth. Also on a 29.97 video playback is not that smooth and there is no option for playing back those 29.97 videos in "Mode 2: Created 1 original frame and 4 interpolate frames when converted 24p to 60p". So i thought what if i could play a 29.97 video and somehow convert it to 24 fps in realtime and use svp or bluesky or dmitriRender? I couldn't use svp because the only way i found to convert videos in realtime to 24 fps was using an avisynth plugin called FDecimate. I tried this on a 29.97 fps video and the smoothness was there. Could anybody confirm this or not? Anybody know of a different way to convert to 24 fps in realtime as well like a directshow filter? Also, i have been trying this on my capture card but for some reason it's not working. Sample videos that i have tested this theory on i can provide if anybody wants to see if there is a difference or not.

SVSmoothFps( "{rate:{num:60,den:1,abs:true}}")

Would this work?

But the last line is invalid, can you help correct it?

So i have this part:

SVSmoothFps( "{rate:{num:60,den:1,abs:true}")

This is supposed to be for 60 fps? But the parameter is incorrectly set, can someone correct this? Also, can this be set for 24 fps?

Yes i went there before but it doesn't specifically mention just for framerate.

Can you provide an example for just a target of 24 fps?

How do i use svpflow plugin in ffdshow to just change frame rate? Like if i want to have a video play at 24 fps? How do i set the parameters like below for that?

SVSmoothFps(                  )

I couldn't find an example for that anywhere.

installing libasound2-dev and libpulse-dev on ubuntu then rebuild mpv player, now there is sound

Do you have the steps to do just that?

Just started using smplayer with svp in ubuntu. There is no sound in the videos i play. Anybody confirm this? I installed everything through the svp 4 linux instructions. I've read about this problem, but no answers. Anybody can confirm this? How to solve it?

I tried I420 but that didn't work either.

On windows YUY2 and MJPG here is the page on amazon site for the product:

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078R … &psc=1