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Setting up Emby Theater in Arch linux. I THINK it's at least partially working as the log shows that it's communicating with emby and running a movie at 59.5401 but there is no OSD or when hovering over the SVP icon in system tray it shows no active playback.

Am I correct that it is working? I feel like I missed something. Log details below:

04:22:44.114  VideoPlayer: mpv [emby-theater] connected, waiting for the video info...
04:22:44.595 VideoPlayer: mpv 0.34.0-265-g305332f8a0 /via '/tmp/mpvsocket'
04:22:45.553 Media: video looks like some kind of stream
04:22:45.553  Media: video 1920x1080 [PAR 1.000] at 23.976 fps (via video player)
04:22:45.553 Media: codec type is h264 (H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10)
04:22:45.560 Playback: starting up...
04:22:45.586 Playback [5dc668bb]: resulting video frame 1920x1080
04:22:45.587 Playback [5dc668bb]: 1 acceptible profiles, best is 'Automatic' [0]
04:22:45.603  Playback [5dc668bb]: enabled while video is playing
04:22:45.604  Profile: using automatic profile #1 /film
04:22:45.605 Playback [5dc668bb]: playing at 59.9401 [23.976 *5/2]
04:25:13.901 Playback [5dc668bb]: deleted


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NEVERMIND! Silly me forgot that I had Plex-MPV-Shim running and forgot to remove it from the startup folder. Option 2 works like a charm.

Tried following the 2022 directions and the ones in the second post. In regards to the older instructions in  %appdata%\Emby-Theater\system\x64\mpv the mpv folder no longer exists and I was unable to find mpv.exe for emby theater.

In following the 2022 directions for May those didn't work for me either. Log doesn't show anything abnormal. Anyone have suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

Much thanks in advance!


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I'd like to try and get pmp in arch linux to work with svp. Could someone please point me in the right direction on getting the 2 to work together, thank you!


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Is there a way to get Plex Media Player 2.58.1 working in Linux with SVP? Following the directions for Plex for Windows worked like a charm so even though I've not seen any info on this in regard to Linux I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.