Topic: Looking to mimic the look of Sony's XR Motionflow

I have a Sony A90J and the motion processing with Cinemotion set to "low" and Smoothness set to "1" is the best motion processing for video I have ever seen. There is no "soap opera effect" whatsoever, each frame appears to follow a 24p cadence, but the motion blur is almost completely removed in fast action scenes and the 24p panning judder is removed entirely.

My PC is a high end rig (4090, 5800x3d) and I am willing to push it to the limits to mimic what my Sony TV can do with a measly mediatek chip smile. Does anyone have advice or a good starting point? So far I am trying many settings but am getting slowdowns if I "max" everything out when playing 4k HDR media using MPV. I also am not confident that Nvidia Optical Flow will be the path for the best quality as there are few settings to work with and no matter what I do I cannot match the Sony motion processing for sharpness and lack of artifacts.

Re: Looking to mimic the look of Sony's XR Motionflow

Re: Looking to mimic the look of Sony's XR Motionflow

I just tried it out and I am not sure that will work for me. Doesn't seem to do well at mitigating "SOE" and I don't think even my 4090 can handle 4k HDR at 120fps on that smile

The best settings I've found so far seem to be everything set to "min artifacts" and then set masking to "strong" or "strongest." What are the user defined settings changed by the artifacts masking strength? I'd like to set a custom option somewhere in the middle of "strong" and "strongest"

Here's my settings so far. There is a bit of SOE that I am trying to minimize but keep the motion clarity at a similar level:

Frame Interpolation Mode: "2m"
SVP Shader: Standard
Artifacts Masking: Strong
Motion Vector Precision: half pixel
Motion Vector Grid: 32 px
decrease grid step: by two/local
search radius: small
wide search: disabled
top coarse level: small
scene change: repeat frame
Do not remove duplicate frames.