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Topic: Transcoding mpv error

Hi, i've wanted to try transcoding in svp, and it can't even start hmm

20:05:22.393: ===== Starting mpv ======

20:05:22.393: Command line: C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\mpv64\mpv.exe D:/Pobrane/Laugh.mp4 -o D://Laugh.SVP.temporary.mkv --no-audio --no-sub --no-sub-auto --input-ipc-server=mpvencodepipe --input-media-keys=no --no-msg-color --vf=vapoursynth:[C:\Users\NewPC\AppData\Roaming\SVP4\scripts\ffff.py]:4:4 --ofps 59.940 --of=matroska --ovc=h264_qsv --ovcopts=preset=veryslow,profile=high,look_ahead=1,global_quality=16,threads=4

20:05:22.460: (!!!) Intermediate file may be broken: D:\\Laugh.SVP.temporary.mkv

20:05:22.460: ===== mpv exited with code -1073741515 =====

This is all i have from log file, setting are default (not working with any other settings)


What can i do with that?

Re: Transcoding mpv error

what is choose software instead of quicksync?

Re: Transcoding mpv error

run SVP 4/mpv64/mpv.exe manually from the Explorer, will it start?

Re: Transcoding mpv error

OK, I've managed that big_smile

Everything because MFPLAT.DLL was missing in folder ..\SVP 4\mpv64, i downloaded it for x64 architercture and its working.
I leave it here for others smile

Re: Transcoding mpv error

that's odd, mfplat.dll is a system dll, it must be in c:\windows\system32

found this:

"The MFPlat.DLL file is referenced to Windows Media Foundation components.
Since Windows Media Foundation is missing it's likely that you're using Windows "N" EU editions."

is this correct?