Topic: Transcoding gives absolutely different result

Hi! I am new to SVP. So I might be missing something very basic. But, I have this issue that I really need to solve:
when I set up my profile and watch the video in MPC with x2 framerate it gives nice and clean animation. But once I try to convert this video to x2 framerate using transcoding,  I get the artifacts on the vertical lines. Check the examples:
What I see in MPC with SVP 60fps enabled:
What I see after the conversion to 60 fps:

What am I doing wrong? What settings do I need to check\change and why does the result in real-time animation is different from the transcoded video?

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Re: Transcoding gives absolutely different result

1. the first sample looks like a copy of source frame, not a calculated intermediate one

2. if you have 'automatic options selection' in the video profile, then transcoding will choose the highest auto settings, while in a real time it depends on the system performance