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Hi! After more than a year using SVP without any problem I have changed my GPU for an AMD RX6700xt. Suddenly 4K videos don't work well, hardware acceleration doesn't work, my SVP doesn't use the graphics card, and my processor can't handle that much. I don't know how I should do to make it use the GPU again, in the configuration if I put CPU only or GPU the result is the same and the CPU usage is the same.

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I have a 6800 and have no trouble doing 4K60 with SVP. CPU is 5800X, what is yours?

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Go to SVP menu Application settings > GPU acceleration
Do you see your GPU AMD RX6700xt there?

If not then reinstall your GPU drivers with completely removing current corrupted or not full GPU driver before.
I recommend to use software Display Driver Uninstaller: … nload.html

You can use GPU in several tasks for SVP: decoding video, interpolated frames rendering, compute shaders
More information:

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Hi again and thanks!! I have a Ryzen 3600x. I tried to reinstall all drivers but I still have the same problem, use of CPU 100% with 4k 16bits videos. In Application settings -> GPU acceleration I can see my GPU, but if I force the rendering device to "CPU only" the use of CPU is the same than when I force to AMD RADEON RX6700XT, that's why I think something it doesn't work properly. I configure the "Allow output in 10 bit color depth" to never and for the moment it works. Is enough for me, no problem, but its estrange because I never had problems with my old Nvidia 1650super...