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Topic: mpc hc no audio, avisynth version ?

I am using svp 4 pro for mpc 32 bit , v 1.75. I installed it by tutorial on page mpc. And i when playing audio is missing like for 1 second but than it is fine, no stuttering. Cpu is not even maxed and gpu is load is only 30 %.
How to fix this ? Hmm, i tried to switch from automatic and choose manual movie x2 and it fixed this it seems, so far so good. Didn't realize it would be so simple like switch from automatic, which should be optimized. Never mind.
EDIT: given i already started this thread, which avisynth versions work with svp, i need it for denoise and banding removal. Because it currently say i have 0.1 i wasn't even able to find that 0.1 exists.

Re: mpc hc no audio, avisynth version ?