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After falling in love with SVP on my big gaming machine (i5-3570k @ 4,5GHz - GTX 1070) running as smooth as possible and testing it out on my Desktop PC (i3-4330 @ Stock - GTX 960) which also has no problems with 1080p @ 60fps, I decided to upgrade my little HTPC which has currently a small Celeron - tested SVP, not the slightest chance to get a fluid playback at all, no matter what settings.

So I went for a Pentium G4560 which is slightly more powerful than the i3-3440. Went on and tried SVP without a dedicated GPU, getting mixed results as best.

So, here's my question: Would I need a way more powerful CPU when running without a dedicated GPU, or just add a GPU - GTX 1050 for example, thus the machine would match my Desktop PC which has no problems with SVP performance wise?

Thanks in advance!

I'm using the Pro version everywhere btw.

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> Pentium G4560
... Intel® HD Graphics 610
... ~two times slower than HD 530

forget about madVR (obviously) and don't use "bicubic" resizer in EVR renderer - switch to "bilinear"
if nothing helps then running SVP w/o GPU acceleration may work better

> GTX 1050

I believe newly announced GT 1030 could be enough

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Yep, GPU acceleration with integrated GPU is a no-go, CPU-only currently provides way better performance. I will give bilinear resizer a try, never heard of it in SVP before to be honest - where to find it?

Will keep my eyes out for the GT 1030, you believe it would be enough for 60 frames @ 1080p?

My preffered settings are as follows (minimum artifacts):

Frames Interpolation Mode: 1.5m
SVP Shader: Complicated
Artifacts Masking: Disabled
Motion Vectors Grid: 24px
Decrease Grid Steps: (best setting)
Motion Vectors Precision: Half Pixel
Search Radius: Small and Fast
Wide Search: (best setting)

Don't remember all the exact settings, but it looks something like this. :-)

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> never heard of it in SVP before to be honest - where to find it?

this's about renderer in the video player
MPC-HC - Options - Playback - Output

bicubic resizer really hurts Intel IGP performance

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Oh okay, that might be the problem - I'm using Kodi DS Player. smile

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Yeah DSPlayer uses MadVR by default.

Under settings, try switching everything to DXVA. That should put the least stress on your GPU, in theory.

If you switch video players, try the MPC-QT testing build from the sticky post in this forum first.

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Sadly DXVA didn't do the trick. :-/

I guess I'll have to upgrade to a dedicated GPU to get the results I want. I'm still undecided if I should go for the new GT 1030 and if it's got enough power for SVP, or get a GTX 1050?

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Personally, I'd be looking at a used AMD card instead (which, for $100, means 7970/R9 285 territory I think). Big AMD cards tend to do much better in SVP/MadVR than their gaming benchmarks would suggest, thanks to their raw shader power and better OpenCL optimization.

If you have to go Nvidia, the 1050 is only a few bucks more. Worth it IMHO.

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Your choice of upgrades makes no sense to me. To use a G4560 you had to replace the motherboard and ram. You could get a Haswell quadcore for way less off ebay and keep all the other components. While the GT 1030 is a card oriented to HTPCs, your GTX 960 should perform significantly better.

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Nonono, the i3/960 one is another PC, I upgraded the all-in-one PC with a Celeron CPU. :-)

The price difference from the 1030 to the 1050 is around 40€ - if I wouldn't need the additional power of the 1050 (this PC is purely made for video playback with SVP), I would like to spare this money.

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Sorry for the double post, but the rig has been upgraded and I thopught I'd share my results should anyone be interested:

It's a Pentium G4560 processor and the new GT 1030 - the performance is great, SVP is running absolutely smoothly, no matter what settings I chose. Can totally recommend this setup as a cheap SVP machine!


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I'm planning a similar setup for a secondary cheap SVP/Madvr machine and I wonder if a Celeron 3930 + GTX 1050 or GT1030 would be enough for decent results. That CPU is readily available, where as Pentium G4560 seems to be out of stock quite often and the price has gone up.