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Alex wrote:

It's just gonna be generally a headache to teach me though, probably because I lack coding/scripting experience or anything of that nature. If you could, maybe make a project file I can load that should work with modern SVP x64.

Also, for settings, I'd like it to use SVP's "Anime" filter with "Average" masking, Uniform smoothing.

My computer uses an Intel i7 2920XM (Sandy Bridge - 4 Cores / 8 Threads I think) and Nvidia 560M, if that's relevant.


So that I would have a headache? Spent 2 hours for this sht when expected to take 15 minutes top because you know, when you deal with avisynth then bugs and errors come out of nowhere. And replace SVP's avisynth 2.6 instead of the one in Hybrid folder.
https://mega.nz/#!UVhlBD6A!FfBrMUmXOAzh … G9RZUur3hk
Here is the video with 2 methods. Second one has better quality but instruction is unfinished so use Interframe instead. If you need my version of Hybrid I'll give it but try newest first.
Will update second method later.

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Alex wrote:

Just one question - will artifacts masking work using this method? (it's currently processing, so guess I will find out soon - jealous of you people and your faster computers... mine only process 5 frames per second... and I'm using the "fast" setting).

For second method you need to setup SVP with settings you want it to be encoded (GPU, Multiplier, Crop, Glowing), start playing video and then copy whole last SVP script to Custom instead of partial copypaste in video. Also go to Filtering/Speed Change> Speed Change set to proper fps (either 59.94 or 60 depending on source fps x 2.5).
Works good without small audio desync for you?

I have 3920XM and 660M. The grounbreaking instructions are in Haswell+ CPUs which are used heavily for HEVC encoding (x265) and probably in nowadays x264.

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Alex wrote:

It's doing the second pass right now. Is it supposed to do it twice normally?

I need to watch the rest of the video closely, the parts with the scripts and stuff. My SVP folder doesn't have nearly as many scripts in it btw, yours has like 20 or something and mine just has 4 haha.

Lemme just see if this video processes to start with first.

Just use latest script. You can use it again if you don't want to use changed SVP setting.
2 passes for 2-pass x264. You can set 1-pass CRF with 18-22 rate factor.
P.S. Yeah, I am the one who can edit and add more info to previously written post.
P.P.S. I fixed the crash but for actual interpolation to kick in use full script and set Speed change (output fps).
P.P.P.S. Use part of the whole anime for testing. You can cut without reencoding with mkvtoolnix>Global. Or you could using mmg.eexe in older 7.9/8.X versions.

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Starting from SetMemoryMax finishing with distributor (). Put it to Custom.

It's slow because it both interpolates and encodes. Perhaps you could use CUDA Nvidia Accelerated video encoding in Hybrid but i'm not sure. It's deprecated afterall by Kepler NvEnc. And if Selur added any HW Acc or not, who knows.

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Alex wrote:

Looks like if you use MKV ToolNix to stitch the audio source back onto the video by ripping it off the original video it'll be perfect, so that's what I'm doing.

Now I'll try using the the script stuff you showed. If everything works out I'll start working on a few videos. Kinda tired of working on server and web-dev stuff for a few days and feel like switching gears back over to videos for a bit. If everything runs smoothly I'll write up a new guide after I get a few out the door.

When I wrote "whole script" of course I meant all but that ffdshow_source() line. That line must be deleted anyways.
You can press Benchmark button under Avisynth menu which will tell you the speed of interpolation only (no encoding).
When you select x264 profile or Tune you must press arrow nearby so that those settings would take effect.
INTERFRAME instruction must be fixed where you setup target framerate. It should be 59.94 for 23.976 video hence x2.5 = 59.94.

You see why proper instruction would be great? So many little nuances which may break or spoil final result.

Re: [deleted]

This was an advertised feature of SVP4 - one click conversion via a plugin and one of the reasons I paid for the software.


Re: [deleted]

This's why I'm not telling "No, we won't do it!" big_smile

Re: [deleted]

You find this funny? I'm starting to get pissed off.
Either you're doing it like advertised and working on it or you don't. What is it?
I was on of the indigogo backers and I'll stop recommending SVP for now, I just can't support this behaviour.

Re: [deleted]

I find that there're a lot of more important things to do than this.
WHEN we'll have no other tasks left and IF at that point there will be a good understanding of how to make it good - only then we'll make it.

>  I'll stop recommending SVP for now

it's up to you

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Re: [deleted]

> did SVP actually invent and implement the interlopation methods and come up with all the backend algorithms and stuff and also come up with the artifact filters etc, or are they simply the creators of this GUI that makes it easier and it's actually a part of AviSynth or something?


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Alex, has anyone ever told you that you kinda write too much with too little useful info? I mean it might be harsh but here is what your last 2 posts would have looked like leaving even distantly intopic information:

Hey all, sorry I left for a bit, and today has been busy. I'm just experimenting with what I've learned now and will probably have something to show in a couple of days.
I'm now pretty much experimenting to decide what my favorite set of variables really is. Pre-rendered videos look a lot better and allow me to use higher artifacts masking settings without sacrificing any fluidity. I can use higher settings which is great.

Hey James, did you say there's a way to cut/trim clips out of videos without needing to re-render them? If you know some tools for that that might be useful to me sometime... might be helpful for instances where I want to just cut out a single whole scene of an English-dubbed video.

Boy, putting together this first video has been a bit complicated. Whew.... pretty involved but I found a way I guess. Nothing worth doing is easy I guess...
Lemme break down all I have to do:
Step 7: Open video in PowerDirector 15.
Step 8: Edit the video how I want it.
Step 12: Produce the new movie from the edited episodes.
Step 13: Convert the video to 60fps using Hybrid + SVP.

And you know, if you'd reread and try what was already written before here you'd be one step ahead in your Trim necessity too. I mean, huge posts with much offtopic don't actually help with the topic itself, do they? And you always can create new topic for discussing SVP background or whatever.

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Re: [deleted]


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Re: [deleted]

Could you finally install 32bit module? Let it take 10MB of drive space. Then change pluginpath to 32 bits plugins deleting MT ffdshow too. Where is your didtributor () line?

If it doesn't help then you can install 32 bit player and use it only for providing a proper script и SVP or use my script exchanging params strings. But my script is only for 24 fps video.

# This script was generated by SVP 4 Manager.
# Check https://www.svp-team.com for more details.


global threads=23

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\plugins\svpflow1.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\plugins\svpflow2.dll")



global crop_string  = ""
global resize_string = ""
global super_params     = "{scale:{up:0},gpu:1,rc:true}"
global analyse_params   = "{main:{search:{coarse:{distance:-8,bad:{sad:2000,range:24}},type:2}},refine:[{thsad:250}]}"
global smoothfps_params = "{gpuid:21,rate:{num:25,den:10},algo:13,scene:{}}"

global demo_mode=0
global stereo_type=0

########## BEGIN OF base.avs ##########
# This file is a part of SmoothVideo Project (SVP) ver.4
# This is NOT the full AVS script, all used variables are defined via
# JScript code that generates the full script text.

function interpolate(clip src)
    input = crop_string=="" ? src : eval("src."+crop_string)
    input = resize_string=="" ? input : eval("input."+resize_string)

    #MT-MODE-1  #do not remove this line!

    super=SVSuper(input, super_params)
    vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params, src=input)
    smooth=SVSmoothFps(input, super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, src=src)

    #MT-MODE-2  #do not remove this line!

    return demo_mode==0 ? smooth : demo(input,smooth)


    stereo_type==0 ? eval(""" interpolate(input)
""") :     stereo_type==1 ? eval("""
        lf = interpolate(input.crop(0,0,input.width/2,0))
        rf = interpolate(input.crop(input.width/2,0,0,0))
        StackHorizontal(lf, rf)
""") :     stereo_type==2 ? Eval("""
        lf = interpolate(input.crop(0,0,0,input.height/2))
        rf = interpolate(input.crop(0,input.height/2,0,0))
        StackVertical(lf, rf)""") : input

########### END OF base.avs ###########


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Re: [deleted]


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Re: [deleted]

>Also, you want the full SVP script I have? I thought I was only supposed to copy that certain section that you put in the video.
Man, please, reread this topic again, specifically my posts.
And use distributor () instead f prefether(threads)
>global smoothfps_params = "{gpuid:11,rate:{num:5,den:2},algo:2,mask:{area:1000},scene:{mode:0}}"
num/den. 5/2 means x2.5 multi.

If doesn't help then either use my script with proper num/den or install 32bit player too.