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Topic: MCP's UI changes

I have no clue what options change it in the SVP 4 manager changes it, or if something else does it, but for some reason when I go fullscreen my UI changes.
More specifically the Seek bar does, I guess. It changes from the original, to a blue one. Normally, no issue, but the big difference is that the new one has no options like the original one.

Anyone know what changed that by any chance?

1 is the original one
2 is the one it was changed to

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Re: MCP's UI changes

That's because it's using the external madVR presenter for fullscreen.  You can still use the normal MPC-HC controls while still using madVR, but you need to go into madVR's options and set it to use overlay instead.

EDIT: Here's the madVR general rendering settings I personally use for performance reasons, but the only thing you really need to do is uncheck "enable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode":

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Re: MCP's UI changes

Ahh, thank you. I looked through those, but never thought it would have been that option.
You the best!