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I was testing some movie trailers and music clips with SVP using Cyberlink HAM and found that the colors were not correct.

Enabling "Light at black borders" restored the correct colors but I don't like the effect and it uses more CPU  roll

I tried to find solution, tested ffdshow for decoding and no problem but with HAM it is faster so I tried to correct the colors in ffdshow. It is very strange but using posterize options in levels from 255 to 254 solved the problem...

Clips are in 720p, mp4 container in VC1 or H264. Tried haali and madvr output but same issue. Problem appears only when SVP starts doing the processing. First second of clip is fine.

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This is good known issue. It is not SVP problem. It is problem of color spaces. You should to turn on postprocessing in ffdShow and to choose second position at the slider. It is a trick to back to YV12 color space from NV12 that causes such color bug.

At russian forum this bug is called "blue skin bug" or "avatar's skin bug" wink

Good luck

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Re: Color bug maybe

Fast SPP deblock is more accurate
and process strength = 100% brings some "soap-effect", try it on 50%

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Re: Color bug maybe

Thank you for help  smile

So the posterize effect must switch from NV12 to YV too...

But using post-processing don't use some CPU? I'm on the limit of frame drops for some clips  smile I'll do some tests to see which trick is faster  big_smile

Thanks again for support,


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It is interesting to us which trick did you choose? smile

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Oops did not check topic  big_smile

I don't remember exactly what I found the best, some time ago and very rare that I have this problem, but I think the best was postprocess with all disabled so no cpu use or minimal  wink but it wasn't using much cpu either way.

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Re: Color bug maybe

If you are using LAV CUVID decoder 0.8, just need to choice the output format as yv12 in decoder option page.

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Changing the post processing setting did not work for me in MPC-HC 1.65.

The LAV CUVID also did not work.

Is there another solution?

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I got it working by reinstalling and only using the MPC inside the SVP directory.
It turns out the ffdshow had its avisynth option off and it had no script. By reinstalling it appeared again.

Thanks SVP team.

Re: Color bug maybe

You are welcome wink