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Re: New version of SVP?

I just asked on the AviSynth+ forum how to port a script and here's the answer
http://forum.doom9.org/showpost.php?p=1 … count=1080

I wanted to compare the performance of a re-encoding script between AviSynth 2.6 MT and AviSynth+ MT. I'll post the results after doing the tests.

Re: New version of SVP?

dlr5668 wrote:

dont forget to delete old cpu/gpu libs:


I created the folder svp/plugins/old to store the old cpu/gpu and svpflow libs for those times I want to revert to AviSynth 2.6 MT. The older avisynth.dll will want the old cpu/gpu libs.

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Re: New version of SVP?

MistahBonzai wrote:

Keep in mind that this rather convoluted process for building SVP is only for beta testing and the final self contained SVP app may well contain different versions of these files.

The links have been posted here within the past few weeks but here goes:

This configuration is for the AVS+ version of 32-bit AviSynth.

  • Place the AviSynth+ 0.1 (r1780, i386) dll from above in your MPC-BE/HC top folder with the MPC*.exe file.

    Place the new SVP (svpflow-1.1.14) dll files in your SVP plugins folder(replacing the older svpflow dlls).

    Place the generate.js file from above in your SVP top folder. It's modified for compatibility with the new AviSynth dll.

That should do it. If you need more information I would advise you to read the "New version of SVP?" and the "Running out of memory, even with "4 GB fix"/large address aware" threads in their entirety.

After doing all of this SVP performance under the same profiles dropped by half, and I started getting a ton of dropped and/or delayed frames (at 1080p content upscaled to 1440p with MPC+Madvr). I reverted back to 3.1.6 (by installing the core and deleting generate.js from MPC directory and everything worked as per normal)... tried it again, same results (massive decrease in performance with the "updates" you linked for me)... Why? I don't know.

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Re: New version of SVP?

Blackfyre Not sure if this is the culprit but I linked you to an incorrect version of generate.js - I have the proper version but in my quest to locate linkable files I linked to a broken one.  Try this corrected version of generate.js http://puu.sh/hwFC3/ac580e75e4.js.  Excuse me for steering you wrong however my experience with the 'new' version is limited to running the SVP script within a larger avisynth script and not within SVP (except for exporting the SVP script) as a standalone application.

Re: New version of SVP?

With the new version of SVP and AVS+, MPC-HC occasionally crashes. It crashed regularly before, but it crashes in a way it didn't before. See attached image.

Also, this new AVS+ MT corrupts the image when using NNEDI3 filter and instantly crashes when using EEDI3 filter. Both work fine with AVS 2.6 MT.

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Re: New version of SVP?

There's a feature I never used before, Video Delay, and now there's a video that needs it. However, the delay between audio and video is greater than 250ms so I still can't sequence them properly.

Could you add an option in that menu to enter a custom delay? Someone might want to put +300ms, while someone might want to tweak to 125ms.

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Re: New version of SVP?

MPC has it's own audio delay function that you can use - it seems to have no upper or lower limit.

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Re: New version of SVP?

I'm also seeing very occasional visual glitches. Just 1 partially corrupt frame here and there.

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

MPC has it's own audio delay function that you can use - it seems to have no upper or lower limit.

Where are you seeing this feature?


Re: New version of SVP?

+- on numpad.

Re: New version of SVP?

nemoW wrote:

+- on numpad.

And if you don't have a numpad you can always change MPC's hotkeys in the options.

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Re: New version of SVP?

I'm also occasionally picking up a video with tons of dropped frames with under-utilized CPU

I'm watching this video right now

Tons of dropped frames with CPU usage ~30%

Here's a screenshot of it

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Re: New version of SVP?

And what do you expect if average frame rendering time in madVR is 15 ms and max time is 25 ms?

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Re: New version of SVP?

It has 16ms to render 60 frames per second. 15ms should be good and works for other videos. Not sure what "max stats" is.

madVR apparently shouldn't care about the content of the video at all. Except "remove banding artifacts" which I disabled because it requires more processing on some videos than others.


Re: New version of SVP?

Chainik means avearge 15 ms is a big value. It is very close to maximum of 16 ms.
For example I have average rendering time is 1.67 ms in madVR statistics.

Re: New version of SVP?

In order to render properly at 60fps, rendering time must remain below 1000 / 60 = 16.666 ms

In order to render properly at 120fps, rendering time must remain below 1000 / 120 = 8.333 ms

I could try again by lowering madVR's settings but it should be playing fine here.

Re: New version of SVP?


I think it's obvious that if you want to get exactly zero frames dropped by video renderer then every frame should be rendered faster than 16.6 ms.
Every frame. Not in average.

If you really want to test a "new version" and make some conclusions - please do it on the plain EVR. Thanks!

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Re: New version of SVP?

OK I'm paying attention to Max Stats. On a video that renders with 13ms, the max stats vary between 12ms and sometimes go up to 75ms and cause dropped frames. Not sure why some frames would take longer than others!

But that does appear to be an issue with madVR, not with SVP. Or perhaps it's a combination between the various components, like AVS+

I just tested with the original SVP and AVS. Average rendering time is 14.8ms instead of 13ms, and max stats still go way up to 75ms.

Re: New version of SVP?

that does appear to be an issue with madVR, not with SVP

o rly? big_smile

Re: New version of SVP?

I tried MadVR for half an hour once and never since = happy user smile

Re: New version of SVP?

The issue with madVR seems to only happen with 1080p videos on 1080p output. For lower resolution videos, max stats are stable. I asked on the madVR forum and someone said this.

could be thermal throttling or the openCL part from SVP needs more GPU power form time to time.

Is there a possibility that SVP has a part to do in this?

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Re: New version of SVP?

I tried with madVR alone. Rendering time is 10.4ms and max stats are stable

The problem only happens when using both SVP and madVR for 1080p videos on 1080p display.

I also tried lowering madVR's settings. Now, rendering time is 5.6ms with max stats somewhat stable at 15ms

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Re: New version of SVP?

Right now I'm playing the Shakira La La La video with rendering time of 10ms, max stats 20ms with CPU usage @ 40%. No dropped frames, but the max stats twice higher than the rendering time is abnormal and doesn't happen without SVP.

When I get occasional jumps at 75ms, it may be because the CPU peaks at 100%. But when it plays stable like this, something else is going on.

Here's some data you can work with. Attached screenshots show stats with and without SVP.

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WithoutSVP.jpg, 185.55 kb, 764 x 540
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Re: New version of SVP?


SVP needs more GPU power form time to time

SVP needs GPU power for every frame if you have GPU-acceleration option enabled in SVP.

if madVR eats 15 ms on every frame rendering it leave only 16-15 = 1 ms to SVP to calculate and compose the frame. Do you think it is enough to SVP? I think No. Try to disable GPU-acceleration. Try to use EVR instead madVR. Use GPU-Z to control GPU load.

Your GPU is AMD Radeon HD 7660M?
Did you see that wiki-page: GPU Compatibility?

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Re: New version of SVP?

MAG79 wrote:

Your GPU is AMD Radeon HD 7660M?
Did you see that wiki-page: GPU Compatibility?

It's either a Radeon HD 7660M or 7670M. It has better performance than the whole 8xxx series and most 9xxx series!! Even the Radeon Rx series that ships with new laptops have similar or lower performance, unless you pay $1800 for a laptop. I paid mine $1100 20 months ago...

Yes, SVP needs GPU and that slightly increases madVR's rendering times. When settings are lowered, that doesn't explain why some frames require twice longer to render than others when the GPU isn't fully used.

I'm seeing another issue with the new version of SVP and AVS: there's a delay between audio and video!!

I tested with regular SVP and AVS+ and the lag is still present, so it's an issue with AviSynth+

This version of AviSynth+ MT is almost working (MUCH better than previous build!!) but still has a few issues:
- lag between audio and video
- very occasional glitches or corrupt frames
- causes NNEDI3 filter to corrupt video
- causes EEDI3 filter to instantly crash

I'll use the new SVP DLLs with AviSynth 2.6 MT for now.

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Re: New version of SVP?

I tried testing but it is giving less performance.
normal svp: http://puu.sh/hA4fq/8bee40a0be.png
decoder queue always full, no drops

new svpflow only: http://puu.sh/hA4h3/0cb416882c.png
decoder queue always empty 90%~ performance

all new avisynth, generate.js and plugins:
same as before

gpu is always 40-60%
what is wrong?

Btw is anyone compiling using latest intel processor extensions? (AVX2)