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Topic: Which profile is better? Performance w/ 4g or 3g with high quality?


Which profile is better? Performance w/ 4g or 3g with high quality?

My pc scored 71.38 fps in high test SVP mark (Full HD), GPU+CPU (u can see the file of rankings of SVPMARK).
My cpu is a phenom II x6 1055T oc 15% achieving 3,2 Ghz. It is like 4 of 5 in the SVP profile.

When I use NVIDIA CUVID 100% hardware to decode with high quality processing; using also madVR in high preset (unticking quality limitations); reclock for audio; preferring LAV splitters always; gpu-acceleration; nvidia GPU settings for best quality in my Geforce 550 Ti; 30 threads for ram (gives me 3,6 Gb of ram in use with mpc); I can only play tough videos (10gb movies) in 3g preset, and not in 4g: It uses 90%+CPUusage    80%+GPUusage    3,6Gbramusage     for      60 fps in 4g

Then I need to know, please, moderators, should I use 4g w/o high quality for, I dont know, a smooth movie without madvr, without graphics quality, or 3g with the highest settings for decoding, gpuquality, rendering, etc. (except svp of course, which is 3g);

If there is a middle term let me know smile.

Oh and it is weird that in SVPmark I cannot put like more than 19 threads that it crashes. In SVP I can put 30 threads: If I put 36 it crashes too. When I use SVPmark I've got the best mark with 13 threads and not more, like 15-19. Should I use in SVP 13 threads (or auto) or my 30 threads? Appreciated.

Waiting for an answer.


Obs. Today I am using 4g with everything on top except for "high-quality processing" in nvidia cuvid. Is it worthy?