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Topic: ReClock Flashing Red/Green and SVP Setting Descriptions

I heard that it's flashing red/green means that reclock is trying to get used to the frames or something. How long does this last and why does this happen sometimes but not all the time? It's been loading fine until today o.O


Edit: I got reclock to stop at green now but all I had to do was wait for 5 minutes... is that normal or awfully long?

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Re: ReClock Flashing Red/Green and SVP Setting Descriptions

Lets read manual ReClock\Readme.rtf together:

- When your run ReClock for the first time for a specific resolution and refresh rate, the reference clock will be inaccurate during the first minutes of playback while being corrected. This can cause jerky playback at the beginning of the movie. The time to obtain an accurate clock will depend on many factors (initial error of clock, PC speed …). During this period, you will see a flashing yellow/red icon in the system tray. After this adjustment the icon will become green (or yellow), and ReClock will store the correction in the registry, so when you will open another media, the clock correction parameters will be retrieved.

- Flashing between Green and Red: same that Green, but ReClock has not yet found the good system clock correction to apply. Icon will go green in a few minutes, but during this playback may stay jerky.

So, it is normal for the first time. Second time and others must lead to green icon.

Re: ReClock Flashing Red/Green and SVP Setting Descriptions

I use MPC-HC 1.7.1 and internal splitters and decoders. To do that you need to download MPC-HC x86 latest version and check all options at page Vew - Options - Internal filters.
After that when open video file in player filters list must be like this:


I did modifications to SVP-Manager SVPMgr315.1015_ReClock_mod:

- added detection of ReClock loading with player;
- ReClock Slowdown/Speedup settings used to calculate more accurate smooth factor;
- added info about it in additional info file.

Instructions: download, exit SVP-Manager and replace files in the SVP folder.



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