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Topic: Frame trail/shadow


I'm with a problem, all my videos, using svp or not, using ffdshow or not, on the scene changes the video it's leaving an ugly frame trail/shadow i really don't know the name of that thing.

It's like that,  a hand, leg, head, whatever it's moving the video leaves it's frame in there, what a normal video should do it's get blurry, but my it's not getting blurry it's all sharpen and with a ugly pre/frame or something, i'll post a SS.


See on that 'gun machine', the edge of that thing, it's all sharp and with some frames left, and it would suppose to be all blurry.

This problem started like a week ago, so i decided to reinstall my W7, unfortunately the problem it's still there for my surprise.

So everything indicates it may be a hardware problem? Since i'm using three different Media Player ( Pot, KM and MPC )

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Thanks, and sorry for the horrible english.

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put link to the original video, please

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What are you talking about?
- banding artifacts; or
- blocking artifacts

What the difference from my picture (zoomed by 4x)?
Is your "trail/shadow" still there?


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Re: Frame trail/shadow

Here what it is...

all my videos it's like this \/ ( like ghost, even and odd lines )

I'd like to be like this \/

That's crazy, because this problem started a week ago, before that i never had such problem.

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Maybe it is hw deinterlace?

Check your:
- video driver settings;
- LAV decoder settings;
- madVR renderer settings

Hardware deinterlace must be disabled everywhere.

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MadVR smooth motion ?

Re: Frame trail/shadow

Oh. Yes. Looks like Chainik is right. It is frame blending calling in madVR 'smooth motion'. You can disable it by Edit madVR settings - rendering - smooth motion.

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I'd like to say thanks for all of you that tried to help me, all this features was disabled already.

I think it must be a hardware problem like hard drive, gpu or memory...i'll test that later.

Thanks again.

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Its the original frame
Nothing to do here


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