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Hi Chainik and rest of crew wink

In the times before SVP I always used "selectevery" to remove frames of 50fps videos.
My goal was remove frames from the source to get 30fps ... and then use the frameinterpolation script to get a perfect 60fps.

Im not convinced with the result of SVP and 50fps videos 50*(6/5).. and I wanted to test "selectevery" command.

What is the exact place to add "selectevery"?  I was trying to add it into MsmoothFps.avs and in SVPMgr.wsf (in the pace where I write avisynth lines).. but these places do not work.

Other offtopic question
- In my old times I always was working with buffer back/ahead disabled (ffdshow/avisynth tab)-
If I uncheck that buffers checkbox while SVP is running.. video stop and do not continue.
How or Where can I disable these buffers?

Re: 50fps->60fps

((Sorry for revamp this thread. I dont know if it was missed. smile ))
Its possible remove frames with selectevery avisynth command in SVP?
I always got better results for the eye using originalFPSx2 x3 x4 etc than using x1.5 x(6/5) etc for interpolation.

Re: 50fps->60fps

but these places do not work.



vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params)
smooth_video=SVSmoothFps(super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, url="")

24*(2/3)*2 = 32 fps
It works. SVP index goes crazy (48 / 32 = 1.5) but who cares? smile

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Re: 50fps->60fps

Oh Chainik... sorry ... my bad. I tested again and yes its working. The problem was caused by some 50fps WMV that I have and dont allow to change framerate (wmv is a crap) and I though that I was a SVP problem. I tested other 50fps files and works OK.

Thanks for your support and time wink

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lav video decoder doubles frame rate when it deinterlace video. for example convert 25 fps to 50 fps
then 50 fps interpolated to 60 fps  in 60 hz monitor. only 10 frame added neutral
if we choose 2x frame rate in SVP profile  it reaches to 100 fps  hmm

so disable this option in lav video decoder:

Re: 50fps->60fps

then 50 fps interpolated to 60 fps  in 60 hz monitor. only 10 frame added

this's not quite correct wink
50 fps = 20 ms period
60 fps = 16.6 ms period

Least common multiple of 200 and 166 is 8300, 8300 / 166 = 50.
So only each 50th frame will be original one while 49 others interpolated.

Re: 50fps->60fps

Sorry. It is very difficult.

Be simple. Try 6:5.
Every 5th of your frames will stay original and 5 frames between will be calculated.

Re: 50fps->60fps

but changing LAV VIDEO DECODER setting and set it to 25p/30p instead of 50p/60p and then using  12:5  gives obviously better result for me.

this may be useful to someone.