Topic: SVPTube & Crunchyroll Support?

SVPTube says that it supports Crunchyroll but I'm struggling to get it it working. I've saved my cookies data and using it for authentication but am constantly getting the following error message:

19:45:49.739 [W]: DownloadError('ERROR: [crunchyroll] G2XU0JKK0: Unable to download JSON metadata: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request (caused by <HTTPError 400: Bad Request>); please report this issue on , filling out the appropriate issue template. Confirm you are on the latest version using  yt-dlp -U')

I know that the error log says to make the support ticket to the yt-dlp github but wanted to post here first since it's through SVPTube that I'm having the issue.

Is there anyway through SVPTube to ensure that I am using the newest version of yt-dlp? I tried dragging source files into the folder but it caused error messages and I don't see any binary files that allow me to run the yt-dlp -u command.

I'm a premium SVP user and really only want to use this for crunchyroll. I'm currently very disappointed this isn't working even after a couple hours worth of research and tweaking. Does anyone have any suggestions or could point me in the right direction?

Genuinely appreciate any help!