Topic: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

I have a GT555M with 2 GB DDR5 VRAM

What are the best settings I can set to achieve the highest image quality / max smoothness?

SVP Shader: Leave as Standard or set to Complicated?
Motion Vectors Interpolation Mode: Leave as Bilnear or change to Trilinear?
Search Radius: Leave as default?
Motion Vectors Precision: what shall I set this to
Wide Search: What about this?
Artifacts masking: leave as disabled or Strongest or what?
Processing of scene images?

Please help me set each setting properly for my GPU?

I believe my GPU is not weak it's ok for this right?

Thank you

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?


Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

To be honest, it depends on quite a few factors. Which CPU do you have? Which video codec is being decoded? Do you use hardware acceleration? Do you run alot of software in the background? In SVP-manager, the little bars left of the option normally indicate the level of quality it provides, unless otherwise stated in the tooltip. I suggest you spend a bit of time figuring out what looks good. Also, make sure you have the newest version of SVP.

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

I have SVP 3.1.1

And my system specs are:

Lenovo IdeaPad Y570-2349
• Intel Core i7 2670QM @ 2.20 / 3.10 GHz.
• 8 GB Hyundai DDR3 1333 MHz. RAM
• Kingston KC100 120GB SSD SATA-III + Toshiba THNSNB064GMCJ 64GB SSD SATA-II
• nVIDIA GeForce GT 555M 2GB DDR5 VRAM + Intel HD Graphics 3000
• 15.6' HD LED Screen (1366x768)
• Windows 7 Professional (x64)

But i am always using the nVIDIA GPU and not the Intel Graphics HD 3000

Additionally, I use LAV as my decoder and madVR ad my renderer

I see the explanation of the settings but have no idea what they mean, hence I made this thread

please advice

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

Well, try this setup for:

Frame interpolation mode: Adaptive
SVP shader: Standart
Motion vectors interpolation mode: Bicubic
Motion vectors grid: 12x
Decrease grid step: By two with global refinement
Search Radius: Average
Motion vectors precision: Half pixel
Wide search: Average
Artifacts masking: Disabled
Proccesing of scene changes: Repeat frame
Decrease frame size: Disabled

If you lag, lower "Decrease grid step", if you still lag, use a larger "Motion vectors grid".

By the way, you see the little bars on the left side of the options? As a rule of thumb, the higher it is, the better quality.

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

ok Ill try those settings...

one concern regarding profiles and please tell me if im doing this wrong or right...

My notebook's naitve resolution is 1366*768 so I delete all the built in profiles, then create the following profiles:

1366*768 / Framerate: 24

1366*768 / Framerate: 25

1366*768 / Framerate: 29

1366*768 / Framerate: 30

Do I need all these profiles? or just one would do? the reason I did that is I thought if I dont put all the diff. types of framerates, then the SVP might orm ight not work....

Or can I just do with one profile....but I am confused when creating a new profile why you get to enter the framerate is it only for your knowledge to setup diff. profiles or does it do anything internally depending in what you enter in the framerate

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

Do I need all these profiles?
I think NO

Profiles are created for video source framesize and framerate.
Do you really going to watch only 1366x768 movies?
I think NO

Of course you want to watch FullHD movie too. Usual movie size just the same as default profiles set.
I don't understand why you deleted them hmm

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I deleted them because my Notebook only supports a resolution of 1366x768

What do you think in this case?

Stick to one profile? And in the framerate portion, what do I set it to when creating a profile? 24?

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

big_smile these profiles are for "source video resolution"

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

Chainik wrote:

big_smile these profiles are for "source video resolution"

oh crap, I had it figured out all wrong

So what would you do? Leave the profiles @ their default settings or would you add anything else?

PS: I am about to format my notebook, hope you can hook me up with a new version of SVP if you have one before I format

Re: Best Settings for nVIDIA GT555M?

Best options are marked as "default" in each setting wink except that "SVP shader " = "21th" is better than default 13th in my opinion.
"Decrease grid step" is optional - turn it on if your CPU can handle it.

Also in your case it'll be useful to set "decrease frame size" to "to screen size" in 1920 profiles.

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