Thanks a lot for all your answers! I'll check that out later smile


I was just wondering if it would be possible to make a feature to convert an ordinary 30 fps video to something like 60 fps or 144 fps (outputs as another file), so that you can watch it on tablet, or a computer with very low specs that couldn't run SVP smile

thanks! smile


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I think you can lie about it, it's not like they will check. And it shouldn't prevent you from buying SVP.


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Chainik wrote:

For some reason I can't get rid of SHA-1 warning o_O
I'm totally sure that intermediate Class 2 cert in Apache configuration is a SHA2 one and since "" cert was issued 3 days ago it must be SHA2 too.

I never used Startcom certs, I don't know why is it doing this sad

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:
Chainik wrote:

It was not "rude" but quick and busy.
I'm sorry you don't understand this.

Like I mentioned before, I imagine that that English not being your native language makes a difference as well.  I've noticed in the past that sometimes even your grammatically-correct statements will sound or read somewhat odd compared to how a native speaker would phrase the same idea - it's like the "tone" is messed up or something.

Yeah, I feel like whenever I write something, it's aggressive, where I just mean to be friendly ^^


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I just noticed you guys enabled HTTPS on, and I find it awesome ^^

I would like to give you some advice about configuration smile

According to, there still is a lot to do wink …

To solve

This server is vulnerable to the POODLE attack. If possible, disable SSL 3 to mitigate. Grade capped to C.

don't use SSLv3
SSLProtocol All -SSLv2 -SSLv3

To solve

Certificate has a weak signature and expires after 2015. Upgrade to SHA2 to avoid browser warnings.

read this topic: … mp;t=15741.

To solve

This server accepts RC4 cipher, but only with older protocol versions. Grade capped to B.

use another cipher list, such as Mozilla's : (note: use
SSLHonorCipherOrder on)

With that setup, you should get A grade on SSL Labs smile

Also, Letsencrypt will reach GA next week, meaning anyone will be able to issue certs for their websites big_smile
Hope it will help you ^^ Have a nice day!

Edit: You should also like, it provides pre-made config segments to enable SSL in commonly-used software smile

I love it big_smile

Everything feels much better, and I had an orgasm when I noticed how much CPU it didn't take big_smile (20% with "Anime" settings and strongest artifacts masking)
I don't know what to say, it's so awesome ^^


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Got my key big_smile Thanks (it must be sending them really slow tho ^^)


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Chainik wrote:

~400 keys in queue plus obviously some problems with the server database performance o_O

Oh okay, thanks!

Any ETA?
Edit: Got it, thanks big_smile


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Chainik wrote:

The keys are sending now with a rather low speed wink
ETA for the last key is about 10 hours from now.

I don't get it, it's 11 hours and a half later, and I still haven't got my key.
The email I provided was valid, I triple-checked my spam folder...

I often had problems with confirmation e-mails not making its way into my mailbox (they have a very restrictive anti-spam system, if you send your mail from with name but isn't in dns records, then it will block the mail for safety).

Is it normal (some mails still are waiting to be sent) or is it a problem (sfr)?

Thank you,


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Chainik wrote:

The keys are sending now with a rather low speed wink
ETA for the last key is about 10 hours from now.

EDIT: Made a topic out of it