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Intel i5-4690K 3.5GHz
ASUS Z97-AR LGA 1150 Motherboard
Asus 970
Asus VG248QE 24" 144hz Monitor
Vizio M43-C1 4K TV
Crucial Ballistix 16GB 12800
Crucial M500 240GB SSD
i am using MPC-HC Kawaii Codec Pack which may be the reason.
started with a clean uninstall of 3.1.7, i didnt restart in between because the program did not call for it. Not sure how my working mpc-hc settings could have effected the stock 4.0 settings. i had mpc-hc playing on my 4k tv that may have been related. other than that im not sure.


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thanks for the reply! I will keep it at 120hz as that definitely makes sense to keep it as a multiple of 60. I am using a monitor so i'm not sure about BFI though i may run into that in the future when using TV's so thanks for that info.


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My monitor and computer can handle 85/100/120/144 hz refresh rate with SVP, I was wondering how using these different refresh rates will effect SVP. Is there any benefit?


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MAG79 wrote:

10bit videos downgrade to 8bit if I have ffdshow raw video encoder enabled in my external filters
It is true. SVP can process 8bit depth video only. Any 10bit video becomes 8bit after SVP using.

I have no dropped frames in madVR fullscreen exclusive mode.
Did you disable aero in win7? Then enable it. It can help (see more details there)

You can try to change madVR exclusive mode to madVR overlay mode. To do this:
- go to madVR settings menu - rendering - general settings
- uncheck option 'enable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode'
- check option 'enable windowed overlay (Windows 7 and and newer)'
In some cases it may help.

I have been looking for this fix ever since i started using SVP last year, big_smile . I could not go beyond 85 fps without getting dropped frames, now i can go up to the full 144 fps with my 144hz monitor and not get dropped frames. Are there any other hidden fixes I could try out? Also, if you could put together a collection of things like this for people to try out I think it would be very helpful for lots of people.


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I am having the same issue with soft subtitles. im currently trying to find the right amount of Artifacts Masking to use, but does anyone have any other ideas? possibly make SVP ignore the subtitles.


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keep up the great work! would love to see "profile selection" implemented, so that i can create the different profiles and activate them myself. i brought this up in my old post at http://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2440. since i cant have more than one 1080p profile, i cant have different settings for multiple types of shows, one for live action and a second one for cartoon/anime. thanks =]


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I tried to install SVP in a separate directory but it still uses shared settings =[


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I'm trying to setup two profiles to select depending on if i'm watching cartoons/anime or live action tv/movies. Rather then it be depending on the video's resolution since they both can come any resolution. I would like to be able to select an active profile. Is there a way to do this that i am unaware of? or maybe it would be a cool new addition if its not already implemented.