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Just wanted to make sure, I was playing with the settings and I did manage to even max out my processor _ I got this warning that it's usage was up to 94% _ even the graphics was not enough. I had the Frame Interpolation mode set to "Uniform (max Smoothness) and SVP Shader set to "Complicated. The card in it now is a HD7670 which I will be replacing with the GTX760.
I'm building a new rig with a Haswell i7-4770k. I'll think I'll need it as my projector refreshes at a 120Hz as apposed to just 60Hz with the computer monitor.
The Haswell can be overclocked to 4.2 Hz if need be.
Thanks for everything, I'll let the forum know how things are going.


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Sorry, I didn't check who was posting, I thought you were the OP.  roll I bet the OP has been scared away by now.
You know what really would be great if you could get SVP to work with Arcsoft TMT6 or Power DVD13.  big_smile
Would a GeForce 760 be enough to run 1080p video with SVP ?


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Rimsky wrote:

Jeff R 1
However SVP recommends Daum PotPlayer and in the full install it also installs MPC-HC

where/when exactly SVP recommended PotPlayer?
SVP work with any player with directshow filters supports
If SVP recommended PotPlayer then potPlayer was included into SVP_Full, but this is not

Well SVP doesn't come right out and recommend Potplayer, but I assumed this since SVP provides instruction from this link.


Do what you want, all I did was give instructions that worked for me _ you seemed like you needed help with your Blu-ray.

And you're welcome, it took quite a little while to type all that out, take screen shots, edit them with Windows Paint, upload them to Photobucket and load them here.  hmm


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Rimsky wrote:

Jeff R 1

here you are wrong:

Mouse over "Video Profiles" and click on "Reset To Defaults" and a new window will open _ SVP will choose a pre-defined rendering method _ with your set up it probably choose level 5C or 5G, depending on whether or not which is stronger your CPU or GPU. I am guessing that it will choose 5C.

1. Bluray remuxes is the hardest video to play and smoothing
When you press "reset to defaults" SVP run quick test for optimal performans for the current system
Selecting 5C/G profiles on the nonpowerfull hardware way to slowdown, jerkness and other perforamance issue

2. 5G profile is prefer becouse G algorithms is more precise and picture is more accurate

By the way: SVP make "reset to defaults" during installation too

What ever guy, you can do what you think is best...


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Sorry, I wasn't quite clear in one of my questions _ I meant what Blu-ray player are you using to watch your Blu-ray movies with (if any), eg. Cyberlink Power DVD 13 or Arcsoft 6. Those you have to pay for; there are free ones, but they are un-licensed players which means that you have to remove the copy protection from the Blu-ray disc before they will play on un-licensed players. Examples of those are XBMC and MPC-HC video player. Some say they can get a Blu-ray to play with MPC-HC, but it never really worked that well for me _ the sound would cut in and out and sometimes it wouldn't even load the disc.

The instructions below are for Windows 7.

However SVP recommends Daum PotPlayer and in the full install it also installs MPC-HC, but for my little tutorial here we'll use Potplayer as that worked for me once I finally figured it out.

Install Potplayer from this link.

http://www.videohelp.com/download/PotPl … .40688.EXE (Make sure and use the 32 bit version only)

Then go here and install the full version of SVP with all the extras.

http://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Download (use the direct download from SVP {32 MB})

After everything installs re-start you computer.

Go here and follow the screen shots and instructions to set up SVP.


You have a 64 bit OS so you have to use the 4GB patch. To do this go to "All Programs" > SVP 3.1 > Utilities > Click on "4GB Patch and a window will open.
In that Window navigate to "Computer" > Local Disc (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Daum > Potplayer >PotPlayerMini  (or PotPlayerMini.exe).
A "Click OK" window will pop up _ Then "Click OK"

That takes care of setting up SVP, now you have to prepare the Blu-ray so it will play in Potplayer, the Blu-ray disc itself will not play directly unless it's converted to a MKV file container. At least this is the only way I could get it to work for me.

Go to MakeMKV and install version 1.8.6 for Windows.


MakeMKV has decryption software to remove the AACS code so MakeMKV can create files, with out any decryption software it won't work. You can also use Any DVDHD, but for now use the function in "MakeMKV"

Open MakeMKV, load your Blu-ray (2D version only) and let it scan. Do what you see in the screen shots and save the MKV file of your movie (I used the 2D version of Avatar in this case) to where ever you like _ it also helps to create a folder with the movie name so you can tell Potplayer where to find it when the time comes.



In my case I chose the biggest file of 41.8 GB (that's the movie), DTS-HD Lossless English and Forced Subtitles. You may choose what ever language, but for Avatar you need to choose forced subtitles.
Select your output folder that you created earlier and start the process by click on the "Make MKV" box in the upper right hand corner _ this will take around an hour.

Now go to "All Programs" > SVP 3.1 > SVP Manager and left click on that.

Go to your tool bar and click on the "Show Hidden Icons" arrow in the tool bar. (I have mine hidden)

Right click on the SVP Manager Icon and a list will come up. At the top of the list find "Video Profiles". Mouse over "Video Profiles" and click on "Reset To Defaults" and a new window will open _ SVP will choose a pre-defined rendering method _ with your set up it probably choose level 5C or 5G, depending on whether or not which is stronger your CPU or GPU. I am guessing that it will choose 5C.

Now, open Potplayer and right click on the blue screen and choose "Open Files" at the top of the list. Go to your saved movie that you created earlier with Make MKV and click on it and it should begin to play with SVP.

After all this I hope it works.  wink

If you have a licensed player like Arcsoft TMT 6 then you don't need to create MKV files of your Blu-ray movie, but I don't how to make SVP work with TMT 6 or any licensed player for that matter.
So far the above method is the only way I know how to play a Blu-ray with SVP, feel free to experiment with MPC-HC or any thing else.


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mckevstah wrote:

How can i get it to work with normal blu rays?

OK, what computer Blu-ray player are you using now, what operating system do you have and is it 32 or 64 bit ?

Also, what kind if processor do you have and what kind of video card do you have ? (make and model number for both)

I'll tell you how I got my Blu-rays to play, that doesn't necessarily mean that's the only way, it means it's the way I got them to play.


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Rimsky wrote:

I know only one way: AnyDVDHD remove protection, mkvtoolnix mux into mkv

But MPC-HC can playback film from the bluray disk: select the biggest file in the STREAM subfolder

Yes, once AnyDVD HD removes the AACS code somewhere along the way MPC-HC will play the biggest stream file.

Unless something has changed _ personally I could never could get MPC-HC to consistently play Blu-ray disc files _ with or with out AnyDVD HD.


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I just downloaded and installed MKVtoolnix and it won't create any MKV files from a Blu-ray disc unless you defeat the AACS. In this case I used AnyDVD HD.
With Make MKV it has this feature built in and that's what costs. If you try to make MKV files from a Blu-ray disc with out removing the AACS code, the program just errors out.
Maybe I'm missing something, you tell me how to create MKV files from a Blu-ray disc with out first removing the AACS code _ with any program that creates MKV files when a Blu-ray disc is involved ?


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I am working on that right now, so far I have only gotten it to work converting the Blu-ray playlists to MKV files. I did this with Make MKV.
If you choose the correct playlist from a given Blu-ray, it crashes Potplayer (what I am using in my case).

Make MKV also removes the AACS copy protection so you can watch the Blu-ray on un-licensed computer players.

Of course Make MKV is not free _ it has a 30 day trial.


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So once I converted a Blu-ray to a MKV package it seems to work, or at least the 10 minutes I watched of it. The same Blu-ray would not play directly from the disc or with the ISO files mounted on Virtual Clone Drive... Hmmm...
Maybe having to read the disc or read the ISO files pushes the system over the edge and it runs out of resources _ guessing.
With the MKV file of the movie the processor is running at around 60 to 80% and some times falling to 40 and 50%. That's quite a chunk when considering that all 8 cores are running at 3.1 GHz.
Has anyone else here been able to get a Blu-ray to work, and if so, what are you're system specs ? At this point it looks like one would need an i7 processor for sure and a 760 GT NVIDIA card at least. That's assuming that it is my system that is the cause of the original problem.
Any thought would be of a big help.  smile


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Potplayer does support Blu-rays work fine when ffdshow is unchecked in "Preferences" with in the player.
I believe you can convert ISO into MKV _ mount the ISO's on to the virtual drive (Virtual Clone Drive in my case) and from there I should be able to create MKV file of the movie.
I'll let everyone know how that goes when I get a chance _ it may be a few days.


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Well I think I'm making progress _ I can get a DVD to play, but not a Blu-ray (I still get the crash with a Blu-ray). I put in a Radeon HD 7670 and that didn't make any difference. Disabled GPU-acceleration and that did nothing. Maybe there is a setting somewhere that I am missing, I don't know... Why does a DVD work and not a Blu-ray ?
I wonder if it would help t convert the ISO files into MKV format ???


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Thanks for that, that's what was needed. However it did not solve the crash problem. In the playlist I chose a small file of only 1 minute and 42 seconds (the movies start screen menu loop) and that worked, however the function of PotPlayer was sluggish although the CPU usage was at around 30 to 40%. I'm thinking that my platform isn't up to the task and that's why it's crashing.
I have also tried the latest version of ffdshow, (4525_2131117) and that didn't help either. It's acting as if SVP and Potplayer are not making use if the processor. It helps to let the video card do 100% of the work ( a little).
One more thing, I couldn't find the potplayermini file where you said it would be, here is  a screen shot of what's there.
I found the file in the Potplayer in Program Files(x86) > Daum > Porplayer. I am not sure if this is where I was supposed to go, but it's the only place where the Potplayermini file is.
The other thing it could be is the patch didn't take and SVP is only running on 2 or 3 gigs of RAM. If that's the case I am about at my wits end here...


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I found the  "PotPlayerMini" file in C > Program Files (x86) > Daum > Potplayer, but not PotPlayerMini.exe. I don't know if that's the file you're talking about or what to do with it. I tried dragging the files from the patch into the Potplayer folder on drive "C", but of course that didn't do anything.
You're going to have to tell me specifically how to apply the patch.
You know what to do because you've done it before and it's very obvious to you, but not to me. It's like people who give directions to where they live, it makes perfect sense to them because they know where their house is, but for someone who has never been there before, it can be difficult.  sad


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I'm sorry I just don't understand what you mean to run the patch manually. I extract the file with WinRAR and click on the patch and I allow it to open. I get what you see in the screen shot. Clicking on any one of the files shows what I get in the second screen shot.


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I tried installing things on a different machine thinking that it may make a difference, but I still get the same crash on the other machine as seen in the screen shots. This time I installed the full version of SVP. This computer has 4 GB of RAM so the patch is needed and as you posted the patch is included in the full installer.
Should I have checked the madVR box off in the full installer ? (I didn't do that because it said in the forum it isn't required).



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Thanks, I will try that. I was also using the latest BETA of PotPlayer which didn't quite match the screen shots, I will try an older version and start from scatch again. I've been sitting here for over 4 hours with this, so I need a break.
I will report back with my progress later.


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All of this is a bit overwhelming so I have no idea where to start with this error. I am trying to play Blu-ray ISO's created with AnyDVD HD and when I add the correct playlist file PotPlayer crashes to what you see in the screen shots. Maybe PotPlayer can't handle ISO files ???

I carefully went through all the installation  instructions and I still get this error.

If I go into Preferences in PotPlayer > Filter Control > Global Filter Priority and Preset Filter Priority and uncheck "ffsideshow raw video filter", it plays fine, but then there is no SVP.

Windows 7 64 bit
AMD 8 core at 3.1 GHz
8 GB of RAM.

If the video card isn't powerful enough I can get a better one.

Thanks for any help !