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We'll see how that works out, it has a 2MB buffer on it like my HP one, assuming that has anything to do with my problem.
I will be getting a new BD-XL one eventually.


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Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:
Jeff R 1 wrote:

what brand is your reader ?]


Chainik wrote:

[off]I just don't like an idea of buying something that will use only once and then throw it away...

When you say "throw it away", I hope you don't mean that literally...

What's the model number _ I'm asking because I also have an external USB LG reader and it does the same thing, but that may because of the slow USB connection, however it did work with SVP 3.

What is the make and model number of the one you're ordered ?
I don't know how you managed to develop SVP 4 with out a reader...
Hopefully you'll be able to reproduce the problem. big_smile


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I can't get it to work at all unless I go through my procedure.
Maybe it's my HP branded reader _ what brand is your reader ?
I uninstalled SVP and got this error.
Doesn't seem to matter what I do _ even tried rolling back the NVIDIA driver _ different output renderers.
Cleaned up the registry _ reinstalled from scratch.


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As I am sure you know you will need to run Sly Softs' Any DVD HD to play that Blu-ray on MPC-HC.
Pass key lite may work if the Blu-ray is an older one.

And the problem with playing m2t files on a Blu-ray is that they don't always contain the full audio and video path.
MPC-HC is geared the using the correct playlist.
You can point MPC at what may appear to be the correct m2t file, but you may end up with a Spanish sound track.


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No BD reader, that explains why you didn't respond to my offer.
I must be the only one using actual discs _ everyone else is using downloaded stuff from YouTube. hmm
Maybe it's time to get a reader, they're not that expensive, or are they some astronomical price in Russia ?
I just blew a whole whack of money on a projector, so I don't have the cash right now to buy you one. smile


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What do you mean, don't listen ???
As I said, most movies are saved by ISO, but there is the odd one that isn't. I rent movies and save them as an ISO so I can watch them when I want _ after which I delete them.
If I watch a Blu-ray from my own collection, then that is from a physical disc.
If SVP can't deal with an actual disc with out having to do that little work around, then that's OK.


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It is the bug ??? As you said...

The NVIDIA card/driver problem ????

Should be able to do bug report tomorrow.  At least it's easy to produce and doesn't really cause problems, as most movies are in ISO form.
Thanks smile

SVP works well with a saved ISO of a Blu-ray, but with an actual disc, SVP just freezes up while the reader sits there in a loop trying to read the disc.
SVP manager throws up a message "Program not responding"
If I shut SVP down, go into "external filters" and uncheck ffdshow raw filter _ close MPC _ open it _ play the disc with out SVP for a few seconds _ stop play _ go back to external filters and check ffdshow raw filter _ close MPC _  enable SVP (it has to be re-enabled after the crash) the disc will play with SVP with out crashing.
After following this little procedure SVP then works with an actual disc.
If I eject the disc, then the buffer gets flushed (I am guessing) and I have to go through this annoying procedure again.

It seems like while the Blu-ray reader is trying to fill its buffer, SVP is trying to kick in, and it can't because the readers buffer isn't full.
By allowing the buffer to fill with out enabling SVP, then enabling it after restarting the program, it seems to take care of the problem.
I think it doesn't happen with an ISO because the SATA connection from the hard drive is miles faster then the Blu-ray reader.

Running W7, with the latest NVIDIA driver. And no, I haven't tried an older driver, the ISO doesn't give this weird problem so I don't think it's a video driver problem.

I took a screen shot of the events log and there is only one thing that shows up, but I am not sure if that has anything to do with this problem.



The screen shot below shows MPC frozen while SVP tries to create frames, but SVP is stuck at 23.92 _ the video continues for a bit, but eventually MPC freezes as well.


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Fanty1972 wrote:

Motion vectors precision: the smoothness of smaller movements
Motion vectors grid: the perceived speed of any motion

Its the Motion vectors grid, that controlls the smoothness of smaller motion.
So more small that grid, so smaller motions are smoothed. But it comes on 2 costs: 1. much more processor power is needed. 2. smaller grids increase artefacts (strange things happen on the screen). Thats why 12 was (in the old SVP) considered the best compromise.

All these things exist in the old SVP and are explained there.

There is only one new. The last one. "Width of top coarse level". That has not existed in the old SVP.

All these things exist in the old SVP and are explained there.

Yes, but it's not easy to find, the last time I found information about it, I happened upon on by clicking links on the right pages.
It's easy a developer to find it, because he knows where it is, but for someone who is here for the first time, it can be a challenge to find.

I think this is it, but remember it being a bit more user friendly.

https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:Profi … ctors_grid


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This is the sort of thing that needs to be written where it says "Need some valuable information here"
Or as I suggested a long time ago, when clicking on on it, one would be taken to the User Manual and the specific explanation of each item.


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Chainik wrote:

don't you think you could tell all this like a month ago? o_O

I suppose I could have, but no on else seemed to be having these specific problems, so I thought it was something that I was doing wrong on my platform.
But maybe not ???

I still haven't tried SVP on my HTPC yet, which is W7, maybe it will be better there. And it may be a while, I have to move the computer into the room where my monitor is and the computer is heavy and awkward to move _ it's connected to my projector now and I don't want to burn up lamp life trouble shooting and experimenting with SVP.
The machine that does have the install problem is an Alien Ware laptop running W10 _ but I can't see that making a difference other then the problem(s) with the NVIDIA driver.

Don't get yourself in a knot over it. roll


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I decided to wait until the Pro version ( went public to give it a go and this is what I found.

I had to reinstall it 3 times before Avisynth installed itself from the main package _ kept getting "Avisynth need to be installed" message.
MPC was already installed and yet SVP wanted to install it again _ I am going to assume this is this way because ffdshow needs to be installed first before MPC.
MadVR didn't get installed at all _ had to manually install it and register it.

If I was going to start from scratch, I would manually install things first before relying on the automated SVP 4 installer.

When a new profile is made and the automatic options selections window appears there is still no explanation when hovering the mouse over any of the options.
Just "Need some valuable information here" I thought this was dealt with in one of the developer builds ???

Go to drive "C" and Program files(x86), that's where ffdshow installs itself. It will show up in that list as ffdshow.
If it's not there, then you need to install it.


You can install the 41 MB package all over again or just ffdshow.
Make sure the Microsoft Visual package is installed too.

Restart the computer.
You have to then go to "options" in MPC > "External Filters" and register the file with in MPC.
Then close and open MPC.


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Maybe by Halloween...
Do you celebrate Halloween Chainik ?
Interesting thought _ Russian Halloween. big_smile


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Right click on the SVP Icon in the system tray > choose "Expert" setting in "Interface Type"
Now mouse over "Video Profiles" click on a video profile you want to use and that will bring up what you see in the screen shot.
Either dial back "Frames Interpolation Mode" or increase "Artifacts Masking" , leaving all else at default settings.


I think SVP4 works with W10 _ I did one laptop and it seems to work fine.
If you want a fresh install of W10, go to Microsoft where you can download the ISO file of W10 (make sure and pick the right version, if you need a link I can dig it up for you).
As you may know there is an application in W10 to refresh your PC, but you need a W10 install disc.
You can have it wipe everything or leave your files in tact. It will tell you what will be saved and what will need re-installed.

My upgrade worked OK too except for one problem, the Intel WiFi kept loosing it's connection, I went to Intel and installed the driver for W10 and it seems fine now.
This is on a Dell Alien-Ware laptop.

With SVP4, you must disable SVP3 and tell it to stop running automatically at boot up _ then reboot.
Install SVP4 and reboot.
It should work then...  wink

Or go back to 8/8.1/7
People have a year to upgrade to W10 and by then it should be fixed.
It's always a risk to jump right into a new OS just when it's released _ what's the rush ?
I'm keeping my HTPC on 8.1 for a while until things settle down _ or I may never change.

Blackfyre _  However for the last 6 or so months I have been running @ 4.7Ghz constant & cooled (Note: I still cannot max out all the settings).

I wonder just how much it would take to max out the settings _ are you using and GPU at all ?


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Yes, that CEIDA expo, but I won't be going, however there will be lots to talk about over at AVS after the fact.  smile


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Are the Beta testers allowed to talk about the "Beta" here on the forum ?
Octobers is going to be like Christmas with the release of SVP4 and the opening of CEDIA on Texas.  smile


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That'll be nice _ no one setting in SVP3 is good for animation vs non-animation.


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However a bit of good news (even if the final SVP4 version ships without any of the current 'advanced' user controllable algorithm values), if you are prepared to give up smoothness to reduce artifacts in 'problematic' areas such as those, then using SVP3 with some tweaked 'override' parameters (and a more powerfull pc) will probably produce an image that is as artifact free as that which the final version of SVP4 would produce.

With SVP 3 I can set artifacts masking just to the point where I can reduce halo/ghosting and other artifacts where they are gone or with in acceptable limits and still retain a high degree of smoothness.
I suspect when the team is finished with SVP4 in October, it will be as good or much better the SVP 3.
With these settings the CPU is just coasting along at around 11 to 18% and even with 4K footage it's still only at around 54% _ that's with GPU acceleration enabled of course.



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Ummm _ OK
  hmm  neutral


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For the record, I would pay for the full version, what ever the price may be.


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Well hopefully more user control will be applied in the new SVP 4 so one can set the controls to get rid of things like this.  smile