I recently helped friend setting up SVP. It was as easy as manual install + copy mpv setting folder to appdata (optional). RIFE worked fine out of the gate

UHD wrote:

WOW! Thanks for the instant reply!

Yes, I'm planning on undervolting as well.

Are these really the results for x5 interpolation tests for a 1920x1080 23.976 fps?

What exactly is the card model without coil whine?

its after 30 sec of 1080p x2 encoding (I dont think it matters). Its https://www.zotac.com/us/product/graphi … treme-holo Encoding always use all GPU resources

GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
stock - 260W - 90 fps
All tests below run with undervolt 0.9v @ 1920. No coil whine as well
110% - 205W - 89 fps. Thats why you undervolt you RTX
50% - 155W - 81 fps
45% - 140W - 68 fps
40% - 125W - 50 fps
32% - 100W - 26 fps

My curve is not optimal. With some dedication you can increase result for below max TDP. I am sure you can run 0.825V @ 1800 (stock curve is 0.825V @ 1600 )


FSR1 was ported long ago https://gist.github.com/agyild/82219c54 … 65ce0b0ce5 as shader. It OKayge, nothing crazy
FSR2 is worthless for us since its based on engine data like depth, motion vectors. It can be used only in games

You can already downscale source here https://i.imgur.com/1CMLoEs.png and use FSR on top as shader

And DLSS > FSR1 (and 2 probably) any day. QHD with DLSS Performance (second to worse option) is better than best FSR. DLSS is already builtin in new version of UE4/5, Unity so we will see spike in 2-3 years with new releases

tom.faulkner wrote:
Chainik wrote:

I wouldn't run RIFE on GT 710...

Any particular reason?

Again, I'm only looking to transcode files, I'm not looking to affect streaming video in real time.

Its old card https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/h … 1-0/147053

Best case you will get 1 fps realtime with it. Not worth hassle

PS minimum card u should try rife on is 2060 mobile

RAGEdemon wrote:

Is there a way to downscale 1080p/4K content down to 720p BEFORE RIFE interpolates it live?

The objective is to have my high resolution videos downscaled to 720p so that I can use x3/x4/x5 RIFE.

With MPC/ffdshow, this was easily done by just rescaling the video in a step above AVISynth, in the FFDshow settings... I can't figure out a way to do it on mpv...

Thank you.


aloola wrote:

my spec. AMD RX 5900 + RTX 3070ti + Win 11 + nvidia driver 512.59

RTX 2x/3x should skip pytorch. It actually slower

Working great, thanks. Using x4 for 720p or less (old content) and x2 for 1080p

https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … 183#p80183

xarunx wrote:

Short version: how to get started with RIFE and SVP. when i select RIFE AI nothing happens. it would be great if someone point me correct directions (specs: I7 12700F, RTX 3080 and 32 GB RAM)

LONG VERSION: HI guys, i am using vapoursynth with pot player and it works flawless and SVPcode to transcode and save videos locally. Recently I started using SVFI (steam) to permanently convert videos and there is noticeable difference both in video quality/smoothness and very minimal artifacts. So i am wondering if anyone could teach me to setup SVP with RIFE with MPC/potplayer. Thank you all.

uninstall svp, reboot, install rife + mpv


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mike7877 wrote:

I hadn't used SVP for 4 months, and the 4px mode didn't work in nVidia Optical Flow before (it made everything look blocky and jerky). But it appears to work well now!

Is it working now?

Was it broken before? Or was it just my installation?

svp just call driver. So new version of hardware / new driver can make it better

last ncnn optimizations are nuts yep
2.3x for RTX 3000 and 1.7x for RTX 2000
Seems like PyTorch is not needed anymore

function gen_vs()
    // RIFE override for low resolution
    // Make sure default profile for such content is set to Automatic and interpolation disabled
    // https://imgur.com/a/cx6cKo5
    if(media.src_fps < 51 && media.dst_h_par * media.src_fps <= 1.2 * 1080 * 30)
        profile.rife = true;
        profile.rife_model = 9;
        profile.rife_threads = 2;
        profile.rife_gpu = 0;


Chainik wrote:

> Is it possible to now run RIFE at real time on a RTX 2070 Super & 5800X CPU?

1080p - probably yes, you'd better try it yourself

any progress on making rife profile use generic rules ?

UHD wrote:
dlr5668 wrote:


demo 1 720p file - v4 model - 3070ti from https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … 721#p79721

Thanks for the test! Amazing performance boost!

Interpolation x2 and 188.2fps means 94.1 original frames and 94.1 interpolated frames per second. This means that we can have real-time x4 interpolation without any problem - 25 original frames and 75 interpolated frames!!!!!

Am I counting correctly?

Dlr5668, have you tried x3 and x4 realtime interpolation with this new RIFE filter?
Does the "gpu_thread" setting affect fps, %GPU, VRAM?

1)only x2 works
2)each thread takes 0.5 GB VRAM for 1080p. 1 gives - 50% fps, 2 and more - 100%


Can we enable rife profile as default ? I want to use it for <1080p content. Regular rules dont work

Chainik wrote:

SVP updated.

rtx 2060, 720p: ~70 fps with v4 model, ~35 fps with v3 model (was ~8 fps before)
real time: works in mpv but for some unknown reason doesn't work well in MPC-HC + Vapoursynth Filter (only gives 0.25 SVP index)


demo 1 720p file - v4 model - 3070ti from https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … 721#p79721

UHD wrote:

So, if anyone had the knowledge and skills on how to run RIFE ncnn Vulkan and compare performance I would greatly appreciate it.

RIFE ncnn Vulkan versions for comparison:

1. Release 20210520: https://github.com/nihui/rife-ncnn-vulk … g/20210520
RIFE 3.1

This version is based on the current VapourSynth filter: https://github.com/HomeOfVapourSynthEvo … cnn-Vulkan used by SVP

2. Release 20220330: https://github.com/nihui/rife-ncnn-vulk … g/20220330
RIFE 4.0

It is important to use both versions to get an idea of how much the performance of the new version of the VapourSynth filter should increase by, which we request here: https://github.com/HomeOfVapourSynthEvo … /issues/14

The file is the comparisons: the same one on which tests have already been performed several times on this thread:

original demo video from the creator of RIFE at: https://github.com/hzwer/arXiv2020-RIFE
720p (1280x720), 25FPS, 53 s 680 ms, 4:2:0 YUV, 8 bits
direct link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i3xlKb … sp=sharing

From discord


UHD wrote:

And since a few days we also have a new v4.1 model: https://github.com/hzwer/Practical-RIFE

Has anyone already tested the interpolation quality of the new model and its performance?

Good news that we can just replace 4.0 flownet file and it will work without errors. No need to wait vs rife update

UHD wrote:

A few hours ago:

RIFE ncnn Vulkan - Release 20220330:
https://github.com/nihui/rife-ncnn-vulk … g/20220330

"update ncnn with nvidia tensorcore optimization"

I'm extremely curious, how much of a performance boost can this give?

If it could manage to get performance close to vs-rife: https://github.com/HolyWu/vs-rife that would be something great smile

Dont think it will be faster than cuda version

Nurk still looks better https://www.svp-team.com/forum/search.p … er_id=7145 if you dont have GPU/time for RIFE

Ante85 wrote:
Chainik wrote:

Instruction simplified: Python & Vapoursynth updated via SVP's maintenance tool

=== RIFE / PyTorch installation ===

0. Switch to Python 3.9 and Vapoursynth R57

===> Run SVP's update tool!

1. Dependencies installation:
download https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py into SVP 4\mpv64

run cmd as Administrator
cd SVP 4\mpv64


python get-pip.py


python -m pip install torch==1.10.0+cu113 -f https://download.pytorch.org/whl/cu113/torch_stable.html
python -m pip install vsrife

will download 3+ GB and unpack it into 6+ GB of data big_smile

2. SVP modification
replace SVP 4\script\base.py and SVP 4\script\generate.js, restart SVP

in the "RIFE AI engine" video profile set
- "Test-Time Augmentation" (TTA) = Disabled -> use RIFE/ncnn/Vulkan
- TTA = enabled -> use RIFE/torch/CUDA

"Math precision" = fp16 or fp32
"GPU device" -> choose device in case there're several CUDA devices in the system.

"AI model" and "GPU threads" change nothing.

Thank you very much. I am not an advanced user, I just followed this easy explanation and now  I have a RIFE that works, because the one built in RIFE in SVP did not work for me, it just gave me black screens in every other frames.

I want to ask which RIFE model I now use with the default setting that came with the explanation? I have tried all RIFE model with the program "Flowframes" and know that 3.8 is much better than all the others. Model 4 is fast, but comes with much more artifacts than 3.8 for example. I hope that I am now using 3.8.

I like SVP much better than Flowframes when using RIFE, because with SVP the interpolation starts instantly, so I not have to wait for the program to identifying scen changes, extracting every frame in the movie, and then interpolating those frames on disk so I end upp with some million pictures on disk for every movie I want to interpolate. That is to much hammering on the SSD.

I also want to know if anybody have find a way to make RIFE in SVP work with 4k and not only 1080p, because I know that RIFE is able to handle that, because in Flowframes it works. When I try to use RIFE in SVP, it produces vertical lines in the video when transcoding 4K material, but only half of the screen gets this vertical artifacts.

An other thing is that when using RIFE on 4k material, I can only use math precision 16 and not 32, because that made the 4 gb in the graphic card not being enough. How can I solve that without buying a new card? (HP support tells me that I can not put in another graphic card in my Pavillion All in one :-( ). I know there are some methods to solve this because math precision 32 in Flowframes, did not exceed the limits of my graphic card. The error report that I got gave me some indications that it may be a memory handeling method for solving this. I tried all options conserning GPU threads.

Remember that I am not an advanced user. Please talk to me as I am 7 years old. Lol. I managed to Install the Cuda capable RIFE in SVP but I have not understood what was really happening and why this can not be the default RIFE and so on. 6 gb pytorch is not normal? :-)))

4.0 works the best for me. I watched at least 10 hours with it

Michiro wrote:

what are your options for maximum smoothness (especially for anime)? I don't care about a few artifacts, I just want the smoothest video possible.
I compare SVP4 to SVP3 and DmitriRender and unfortunately SVP4 produces worst results. I also compared a few settings for SVP4 that I found here on the forum and on some blogs in the Internet, but there's no optimal result.

Settings "imported" from my old SVP3 configuration: https://imgur.com/a/N7rciyt
Setting in SVP3: https://imgur.com/a/109Acs0

And the results:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F0z3xs … sp=sharing

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dOMcBB … sp=sharing

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Me9RLL … sp=sharing

Do you have any ideas how to force SVP4 to produce smoother result? I can provide more samples if there's need.

Is arcane good enough ? Check this sample https://www.playbook.com/s/vadash/mWFpV … H6vnqhwDdj over your settings. Best to watch at 50 hz with display resampling (48->50)


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Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

Quick sanity check - is the beta RIFE interpolation not available on SVP 4 Linux?

rife cuda actually works faster (that what flowframes discord guys tolds me) with linux

```I dont have a 3070ti, but a 3080.
On my Linux (Fedora 35) it performs with over 65fps on 1080p.```

zetram wrote:

Если не затруднит, выложите пожалуйста настройки которыми сами пользуетесь.
И еще вопросик,как в svp работает hdr? Скачал трилогию властелин колец c данной поддержкой вкл hdr в win 11, запустил фильм, и картинка стала какой-то невыразительной, как в дымке, когда выкл hdr, то наоборот цвета пришли в норму, в чем прикол не пойму?

Вот так и смотрим smile


Если интересно пощупать RIFE (плавность, артефакты и тд), я залил тестовое видео (arcane разрешено стримить и прочее) https://www.playbook.com/s/vadash/mWFpV … H6vnqhwDdj

Тред https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=6281 тут, нужна RTX карточка и немного рук