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Can someone give me a little tutorial on how SVP's frame interpolation relates to a video's frame rate, bit rate, etc. and the monitor's refresh rate? (please explain it to me like I'm a 4 year old)

I have a mishmash of videos that are at all different framerates-- 30 fps, 60 fps, 29.97 fps, 25 fps, 29.02 fps, 59, fps, etc.  My question is, should I just re-encode all of these to 30 fps or 60 fps, and keep everything in "whole numbers?"  Or does it even matter?  Meaning, if I have a video that has a frame rate of 29.97 and I force a frame interpolation of 60 fps in SVP, is going to "throw off the interpolation" because of that 0.03 frame rate difference?  I don't know these things.

Also, the screen refresh rate, if I have a screen refresh rate of 60 hz and I'm running a 29.97 fps video at SVP setting "Movie x 2," is that gonna throw the timing off?  Would it be better to re-encode the 29.97 video to 30 fps and not get "stutter," etc.  Or does this work differently from this simple calculation?  What about the fact that my Dell laptop has refresh rate setting of 60.02 hz?

Also, I have new ASUS laptop with two refresh rate settings, 60.02 hz and 144.02 hz.  If I wanted the "smoothest" video I could get at say 72 frames per second, would I be better off choosing the "fixed frame rate 72 fps" option from the SVP manager pull-down menu or the "screen refresh rate /2 option," which effectively woud be 72 fps but maybe a little different to match the screen's refresh rate?  Idk.  I hope somebody can see my quandary here.

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Re: Frame rates and refresh rates

From my experience your eyes cannot see any difference between a 60 and a 60.02 video.
It takes a bit more processing power if you tell it to interpolate to your fixed frame rate monitor refresh rate of 60.02 compared to allowing it to do the rounding to 60.
I think this is caused by SVP doing less work when you just ask it to double/triple the video's frame rate.
For max smoothness just select the maximum option which is 240 fps, cause it ends up smoother even if your monitor cannot display it properly cause of the limitations.

Re: Frame rates and refresh rates

If your laptop has 60 and 144 you can add custom resolution with 143.856. Via CRU or Nvidia/AMD settings