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If ur using Win 7 64 bit and stuffs madVR have problem, just change video renderer and u'll see ur DvD will play correctly (Note: Win 7 64 is not the only system not supported by madVR, Google around to check the list).

Hope i've helped you.


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Oky i w8 ur upgrades so tnx in advance ^_^


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Hi m8, this is a great news big_smile, but i got a problem when i try to open a file it runs with WMP, how can i setup mpc-hc as default player? yikes


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Oky, i'll w8 patient so for the new masterpiece of SVP  big_smile


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Oky so, i'm really looking forward to it! Can u atleast spoiler something about the improvment in 3.1? big_smile tnx
And will madVR improves too in the next pack?   roll


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Hi, as my title says i already have SVP installed and it run pretty well but i'm not a master of this kind of stuffs so i'm looking for suggestion.

My player is MPC-HC, and i'm using madVR as video renderer.

This is my last SVPmark after the upgrade of the last Nvidia drivers:

Test summary
  Date: 2012-02-25T17:46:04
  CPU:  Intel Core i7 950 @3070 MHz [8 threads]
  GPU:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
  Mode: FHD + GPU [17 threads]

Overall scores
  Synthetic CPU:                  MC1601
  Synthetic GPU:                  MG2858
  Real-life:                      FG1965

Details: synthetic
  CPU: compose (single-threaded): 428
  CPU: compose (multi-threaded):  1822
  CPU: search (single-threaded):  333
  CPU: search (multi-threaded):   1429
  GPU: system -> GPU transfer:    1185
  GPU: GPU -> system transfer:    1362
  GPU: calculations:               1566
  GPU: total score:               5846

Details: real-life /FHD
  decode video:                   12.65x (303.6 fps)
  48 fps - vectors search:        0.88x (42.4 fps)
  60 fps - frame composition:     3.05x (182.9 fps)
  48 fps - [SVP] fastest:         3.95x (189.8 fps)
  48 fps - [SVP] simple 1:        3.23x (155.0 fps)
  60 fps - [SVP] good:            1.70x (102.1 fps)
  60 fps - [SVP] high:            1.36x (81.4 fps)
  60 fps - [SVP] highest:         0.61x (36.5 fps)
  72 fps - [SVP] simple 2:        3.22x (231.7 fps)

I'm looking for the best setup on my configuration, i mean how to set options on svp profile and expecially, how to set up madVR for best experience ever.

Tnx in advance smile and ofc TNX FOR THIS GREAT JOB big_smile

I'm happy to be right and really good performance yeah happy to see it big_smile


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Maybe u've not readed cause of the edit, so a lil Bump ^_^

I'm using the last driver with a gtx 480 and i can quietly smooth blu-ray disc at 120fps smile


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Theese r great news but when i've tested mpc-hc just say "opening file", then for just a second it says "Playing"(without seeing anything on the screen) and then instant pause it!!! without any way to restart the playback! Any advice? :'(

Edit: I did it in the end really tnx to everyone (using Any DVD HD work perfectly)

Now i got only a problem, i have a problem while i read DVD-Disc Source, MPC-HC tell me a msg DVD: Macrovision Error and the DVD does not start. the problem is madVR 100% i've readed in some other discussion and if i change madVR in EVR for example and stuffs or default DVD start correctly.

Problem 2: even if i can launch the DVD from disc, i got a big green side bar on the right of the screen while dvd is playing (all theese without activating SVP)

Problem 3: i could ignore the green stuff and play SVP but if i do the FPS are badly irregular and they drop too often, i've tryed frame doubling emergency option too but they still continue to go bad they only work if i make double the framerate in the setup. The strange thing is that when i monitor the cpu utilization is like 20/30% usage but i still continue to have problems in FPS and he says SVP low performance bla bla u know.

This happends in high resolution too profile 1920x1080 my cpu utilization is the majority of times around 50% but if i try to improve some option i got the usual SVP: low performance bla bla.

Any advice for all of that? smile Tnx


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i did it atleast, was some codec customization option and stuffs smile now i run at 120hz the only thing i miss is a way to read from BD-disc if u find this ur seriously god! Tnx aniway for this great job!


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Hehe simultanious answer ^_^ read my edit post above ur pls and tnx smile


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I've seen the faq about the unexpected character found bla bla on the screen, i've uninstalled ffdshow and reinstalled the most upgraded version i've found, (uninstalled with revo uninstaller pro to remove all the related files in the reg and stuffs) but i still continue to have that error dunnow really what to do right now sad

Edit: i did it atleast!!! Tnx to all of you for the answers.

now i got some performance problem, with my setup wich configuration u suggest me? consider that i'm running everything like in ur quick guide on ur webpage. so i havnt modified any codecs priority and bla bla.

i got an error sometimes like SVP: low performance u should set up ur SVP-Index to "X"

how can i modified my SVP-index? tnx in advance. smile


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i've done it as u sayed Mag79 and tnx again for your time, but this is the result...the program play cause of the green play sign near the clock
but fps are still at 24!!! i check them with fraps and i've checked with the player too while playing.

those are the setting while i'm playing a file(default profile), but on the player above left on the screen i have a "unexpected character .." dunnow really what is it. and frame are still the original one checked with player and fraps too...cant really understand how this is possible the programs is running. sad


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Hello m8, i've downloaded and installed everything as u sayed to try it. Just a fast question, when i try to open a dvd i really cant see it, i mean it opens but image are the worst ever, the sound is discontinuous as for the video images...dunnow why. Can i read Blu-ray disc? is there a damned way to play smoothly a BD? i only went here to svp just to increase bd performance and not files in bd rip the real discs. sad

Pls help cause i'm really in trouble hmm

And explain me exactly the passages, wich program should i run first and stuffs how to check the fps on the video so i can see if really i'm making some step ahead or not and bla bla. tnx

1 last question, when i right click on svp(near the clock) and i go on profiles the one who's bold written is always the 720x... dunnow why is there a way to change it by my own hand? Ty

I'm really a noob about theese kind of things but i'm trying to improve and need ur help your and from Mag79 :'((( sad


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This is my result without any pack actually installed so without avysinth too:

Test summary
  Date: 2012-02-20T15:39:08
  CPU:  Intel Core i7 950 @3070 MHz [8 threads]
  GPU:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480

Overall scores
  Synthetic CPU:                  MC1673
  Synthetic GPU:                  MG2964

Details: synthetic
  CPU: compose (single-threaded): 445
  CPU: compose (multi-threaded):  1922
  CPU: search (single-threaded):  344
  CPU: search (multi-threaded):   1482
  GPU: system -> GPU transfer:    1190
  GPU: GPU -> system transfer:    1386
  GPU: calculations:               1541
  GPU: total score:               5859

w8ing for ur opinion and suggestion with my personal guide ^^


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oh and i saw movie player home cinema in the packet is for 32bit op system could that be a problem for a x64bit system?
if all in ur opinion is ok, could pls link me or write me a guide to install everything that work 100%? i've no codec installed on my pc so i think i've just to download and set everything i'll post you a screen of svp mark so u can judge too.

again tnx in advance hope to get all this to work. smile


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Hello I use BD from DISC they'r original BD, dunnow wich player i could use, any suggestion? ^_^ ur the boss big_smile aniway the problem i wrote was about movie player home cinema.

Try to get easy on me with explanation i'm a bit noob and my english is not that good smile


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Hello everyone first of all. I really hate low fps on videos like everyone who's here i suppose and i wish to make some questions before i start to config everythings.

My Settings is:

Windows 7 x64bit
i7 950 3.07 Ghz
my Gpu is Evga Geforce GTX 480
12GB Ram Corsair 1600 Mhz
Monitor W2363D 120Hz

1- Are all the files in the Packet SVP 3.0.6 ok for my win7 x 64 or should i download anything different?

2- And most important question, i download all of this to see Blu-Ray Disc (not file/rip) is it possible or i'm loosing time?

3- I saw around alot of ppls whining about an error still while trying to read DVD-Disc like "DVD": Error Macrovision wtf!?

Your Help would be greatly appreciated i really hate the quality of video today and expecially if we'r talking about Blu-Ray discs hmm

Hope in ur help soon.  neutral