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Hi, as my title says i already have SVP installed and it run pretty well but i'm not a master of this kind of stuffs so i'm looking for suggestion.

My player is MPC-HC, and i'm using madVR as video renderer.

This is my last SVPmark after the upgrade of the last Nvidia drivers:

Test summary
  Date: 2012-02-25T17:46:04
  CPU:  Intel Core i7 950 @3070 MHz [8 threads]
  GPU:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
  Mode: FHD + GPU [17 threads]

Overall scores
  Synthetic CPU:                  MC1601
  Synthetic GPU:                  MG2858
  Real-life:                      FG1965

Details: synthetic
  CPU: compose (single-threaded): 428
  CPU: compose (multi-threaded):  1822
  CPU: search (single-threaded):  333
  CPU: search (multi-threaded):   1429
  GPU: system -> GPU transfer:    1185
  GPU: GPU -> system transfer:    1362
  GPU: calculations:               1566
  GPU: total score:               5846

Details: real-life /FHD
  decode video:                   12.65x (303.6 fps)
  48 fps - vectors search:        0.88x (42.4 fps)
  60 fps - frame composition:     3.05x (182.9 fps)
  48 fps - [SVP] fastest:         3.95x (189.8 fps)
  48 fps - [SVP] simple 1:        3.23x (155.0 fps)
  60 fps - [SVP] good:            1.70x (102.1 fps)
  60 fps - [SVP] high:            1.36x (81.4 fps)
  60 fps - [SVP] highest:         0.61x (36.5 fps)
  72 fps - [SVP] simple 2:        3.22x (231.7 fps)

I'm looking for the best setup on my configuration, i mean how to set options on svp profile and expecially, how to set up madVR for best experience ever.

Tnx in advance smile and ofc TNX FOR THIS GREAT JOB big_smile

Re: LF improvement and suggestion

i mean how to set options on svp profile

wait for SVP 3.1, it'll be released really soon

Re: LF improvement and suggestion

Oky so, i'm really looking forward to it! Can u atleast spoiler something about the improvment in 3.1? big_smile tnx
And will madVR improves too in the next pack?   roll

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Re: LF improvement and suggestion

madVR 0.80 works fine with 3.0.6

Re: LF improvement and suggestion

I mean there's no point in training a deep knowledge of SVP 3.0.6 now cause the list of settings in 3.1 will be completely different wink

Re: LF improvement and suggestion

Oky, i'll w8 patient so for the new masterpiece of SVP  big_smile