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I'm running with a Pentium G4560 and a Geforce GT 1030 - no problem at all handling SVP, and not costly at all!


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Sorry for the double post, but the rig has been upgraded and I thopught I'd share my results should anyone be interested:

It's a Pentium G4560 processor and the new GT 1030 - the performance is great, SVP is running absolutely smoothly, no matter what settings I chose. Can totally recommend this setup as a cheap SVP machine!


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Nonono, the i3/960 one is another PC, I upgraded the all-in-one PC with a Celeron CPU. :-)

The price difference from the 1030 to the 1050 is around 40€ - if I wouldn't need the additional power of the 1050 (this PC is purely made for video playback with SVP), I would like to spare this money.


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Sadly DXVA didn't do the trick. :-/

I guess I'll have to upgrade to a dedicated GPU to get the results I want. I'm still undecided if I should go for the new GT 1030 and if it's got enough power for SVP, or get a GTX 1050?


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Oh okay, that might be the problem - I'm using Kodi DS Player. smile


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Yep, GPU acceleration with integrated GPU is a no-go, CPU-only currently provides way better performance. I will give bilinear resizer a try, never heard of it in SVP before to be honest - where to find it?

Will keep my eyes out for the GT 1030, you believe it would be enough for 60 frames @ 1080p?

My preffered settings are as follows (minimum artifacts):

Frames Interpolation Mode: 1.5m
SVP Shader: Complicated
Artifacts Masking: Disabled
Motion Vectors Grid: 24px
Decrease Grid Steps: (best setting)
Motion Vectors Precision: Half Pixel
Search Radius: Small and Fast
Wide Search: (best setting)

Don't remember all the exact settings, but it looks something like this. :-)


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After falling in love with SVP on my big gaming machine (i5-3570k @ 4,5GHz - GTX 1070) running as smooth as possible and testing it out on my Desktop PC (i3-4330 @ Stock - GTX 960) which also has no problems with 1080p @ 60fps, I decided to upgrade my little HTPC which has currently a small Celeron - tested SVP, not the slightest chance to get a fluid playback at all, no matter what settings.

So I went for a Pentium G4560 which is slightly more powerful than the i3-3440. Went on and tried SVP without a dedicated GPU, getting mixed results as best.

So, here's my question: Would I need a way more powerful CPU when running without a dedicated GPU, or just add a GPU - GTX 1050 for example, thus the machine would match my Desktop PC which has no problems with SVP performance wise?

Thanks in advance!

I'm using the Pro version everywhere btw.