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Topic: Reporting issue with Dolby Vision Flickering/Flashing

Hi Devs,

I already eliminated all other factors outside of SVP, this issue only happens when SVP is on, and when I exit, the problem goes away. Also, the bright flashing / flickering only happens with Dolby Vision + SVP

HDR 10 works fine, SDR works fine. They are lower bitrate and produce worse colours than Dolby Vision.

I tried to find the best example of this for easy testing and troubleshooting:

The.Mandalorian.S03E04.DV.2160p.WEB.h265-MAVIS (https://rarbg.to/torrent/2k1y9us)

1 minute between 16:25 to 17:25

Testing on LG C2 OLED as a PC monitor.

Also, before anyone asks, I do have a Disney+ Subscription as well as many other subscriptions, and I pay $100+ per month for them.

I just prefer to watch on PC, using MPV + Shaders + SVP