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Topic: postproc error: unable to load vsscript.dll, check PYTHONPATH

Hi, apparently vlc log reported that it cannot load vsscript.dll and told me to check for PYTHONPATH. This is my current PYTHONPATH:

12:21:58.300 [i]: Main: PYTHONPATH is C:\Program Files (Portable & CMD)\python;C:\Program Files (Portable & CMD)\python\DLLs;C:\Program Files (Portable & CMD)\python\lib;C:\Program Files (Portable & CMD)\python\lib\plat-win;C:\Program Files (Portable & CMD)\python\lib\site-packages;C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\mpv64;

Is having 2 different python locations (one for python 3.10 and one for SVP) a problem (since I need version 3.10 for other development purpose)?

Edit: after a bit testing I found out that download a stream from youtube-dl then pipe the the stream into vlc (copy-pasting the entire thing in cmd batch windows) will not have this problem. However upon using Start-Process (maybe with -WindowStyle Hidden flag) from powershell to run the same command I pasted the problem occurred. Looks like PYTHONPATH are not related to this (or not, no idea).

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