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Hi, I have a display which runs at 144hz/10-bit colour (I believe FRC) 3440x1440, with HDR support. I use MPC-BE and MadVR and I feel like the panning motion is juddering in movies, not sure if it's just the way it is or whether it can be improved to look as good as say a TV set.

The display can't go into 23hz/24hz, only 60hz,100,120,144 - I tried with custom res.

I downloaded SVP to see if that helps at all, but I have it running with madVR in MPC-BE with the AviSynth filters and for some reason ffdshow audio and LAV Video Filters. The movie doesn't play at all even if I press play in the player, I just get still frames and even they look a bit distorted to me, not sure though. In the tray SVP is showing as 'Paused'.

Can anyone help me out, is this a common use case of SVP?

Edit: Got it to work with MPC-HC, been trying all of the modes, weirdly everything now feels too smooth, even refresh rate /3 which is like 48fps. I just ideally want native 23/24fps but without the judder from my monitor as it tries to make it into 144hz or however it works.


Re: SVP for movie watching

If you want to watch 23/24 fps video without motion interpolation at 60 Hz monitor you can just use madVR and its "smooth motion" option.

Re: SVP for movie watching

I think there are ways to do it. I have a monitor with the same resolution and refresh rate settings and I am trying to look for this exact experience. There is a way to interpolate frames without introducing the soap opera effect.