Topic: SVP Pro for use with Crunchyroll Premium streams?

I've been a premium user for 2 years now, but I actually haven't used the site for anime more than a handful of times. Instead, I've sailed the seas and found a show available on CR and watched it with SVP to get 60 fps. I recently upgraded to SVP Pro (should've done that ages ago) and I now see they have SVPtube to use for online videos. Awesome! Now I can watch anime on Crunchyroll!

I fire it up, set it up with MPC-BE, add login data for Crunchyroll, but notice that there is still only up to 480p. I try figuring out why, and I notice that their wiki has a section on Authentication. They specifically mention that CR requires more than just username and password, but they don't specify what. Following is a link to another side, seemingly specifying what CR requires, but searching for Crunchyroll on the site yields no results. Back on the SVP wiki the next part states that I need to add cookies and my User-Agent string. I try leaving name and password blank and I try to fill it out. None of it works.

That's why I'm asking here. Has anybody tried using SVP with CR premium? How did you get it to work?

Re: SVP Pro for use with Crunchyroll Premium streams?

I've checked just now. It works. I can select resolutions 720p and 1080p and they playback correctly.

Short instruction.
1. Open and login with premium account.
2. Open in browser premium episode you want to watch, start palyback, save cookies.txt for this tab and you can switch video to pause mode.
3. Copy URL of this tab from browser = you will get SVPtube message about Preview only. It is normal.
4. In SVPtube menu open Authentication > Add website authentication data... > press "Load from text file..." and open cookies.txt file saved in step 2
5. Press "Save", wait for some time while SVPtube extract data. Also, you can open SVPtube panel manually and wait for result = you will get SVPtube panel with all avialable resolutions. Congratulation!
6. Select resolution you want, press "Play" and enjoy video.