Topic: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

Hi guys smile

Can I edit any SVP file to add these new values in the motion vectors grid?

12px is not so smooth as 8px, but this last one is a bit CPU intensive for my machine... so something in the middle like 10px would be a good place to test.

Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

No. There is no way to add such values in SVP 3.1.4.
8 px means grid with 8x8 px blocksize and 0 px overlapping.
12 px means grid with 16x16 px blocksize and 4 px overlapping (1/4 of blocksize). Intermediate values of blocksize and overlapping not supported by SVP.

But we have another ways to reduce CPU load.

Please, put here your additional info (SVP - Information - Additional information) after play file with Motion vector grid: 8 px (8 pixels).

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Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

Hi again MAG79 wink thanks for your support.

My requirements are having enabled these features:
Frames interpolation mode: Uniform (max smoothness)
Motion vectors grid: 8 px. Small 0
Motion vectors precision: Half pixel (default)

At moment Im applying ffdshow resize to 1280x720 to save CPU for big videos .. and also adding inside borders to decrease frame size when I get framedrops. (I wanted to get rid of this small framesize)

If I can tweak any setting in the overrride.js file plz let me know.. I can sacrifice image quality (even sacrifice colors) in trade to conserve the smoothness.
Im using SVP shader: 11. Simple Lite for avoid really big artifacts (dont know if there is lower cpu version to do similar effect).
(I dont have GPU.. Im processing only with CPU)
Im using potplayer as player (overlay mixer/YV12 color space)
XPsp3. All M$ crap removed and only 4 services active in background.

Here is my additional info.

Last processed file parameters:
Filename: test video avatar.mkv
Frame size and frame rate: 1280x720 pixels, 23.975 fps
Internal Avisynth-framerate: 23.975 fps

Detected screen parameters
Screen size and refresh rate: 1280x1024 pixels, 60.015 Hz

Video smoothing info
Smooth factor: 5:2
Resulting video frame rate: 59.937 fps
Repeat 1 frame every 13 sec (without ReClock)

Selected profile: 1280x720@24

Profile settings of video processing
[ExMethod=MSmoothFps_0]        Frames interpolation mode: Uniform (max smoothness)
[ExAlgo=11]            SVP shader: 11. Simple Lite
[ExMulti=MON]            Target frame rate: To screen refresh rate (default)
[ExBlockSize=8x8:0]        Motion vectors grid: 8 px. Small 0
[ExRecalc=0:0]            Decrease grid step: Disabled (default)
[TypeDist=Hex:-6:SATD]        Search radius: Small
[ExPel=2]            Motion vectors precision: Half pixel (default)
[Badsad=1000:-24]        Wide search: Average (default)
[ExSadml=0]            Artifacts masking: Disabled (default)
[ExBlend=true]            Processing of scene changes: Blend adjacent frames
[ExDwnResize=0]            Decrease frame size: Disabled (default)
[ExConvertFps=false]        Blend frames to screen refresh rate:false

Settings by menu
[svp_libflowgpu=0]        GPU-acceleration (OpenCL): false
[ExThreads=0]            Processing threads: Auto
[StereoMode=0]            Stereo mode (3D): Plain 2D
[HandCrop=None]            Frame crop: Disabled
[Borderlight=None]        Outer lighting: Disabled
[BorderlightZoom=5]        Glow amount: 5%
[BorderlightType=8:8:100:1]    Lighting type: Type 3
[VDelay=0]            Video delay: 0 ms
[ExDemo=0]            Demonstration mode: false
[ExTearingTest=0]        Tearing test: false
[EFrameDoubling=0]        Variable frame rate repair: false
[StopSmoothDelayOnRewind=-1]    Turn off on seek: Don't turn off

Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

Good question - good answer smile I like to investigate interesting for me topics. And this time it made new finding for me! wink

OK. I leave two enabled cores of my Intel Core i5-3570K. I turn off GPU-acceleration in decoding and in SVP. I swith MPC-HC from madVR to EVR (custom presenter) and disable pixel shaders. I did my CPU load measurements by SVP performance graph window. Avatar 720p sample from SVPmark was used.

CPU load:
renderer EVR (custom presenter) - 81%
renderer EVR (custom presenter) + option D3D Fullscreen - 86%
renderer Overlay - 73% -8%
change SVP shader: 11. Simple Lite to 11b. By blocks - 65% additional -8%
change Search radius from Small to Small and fast - 62% additional -3%
disabled Wide search - 62% no performance boost hmm
override.js: = 1; - 60% additional -2%
override.js: = 0; - 39%!!! additional -21% picture more smooth and less artifacts! I was surprised!!! cool

CPU load reduced by two times! With visual no quality loss. Visual quality even increased. It is very impressive!

Try these customizations. All together or one-by-one. I think it will help you to save performance and to get more quality on your processor wink

Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

wow MAG79!!! = 0 is the BOMB!! wink

Im using it and now I dont need to add borders cause I have more free CPU.
Really impressive wink

Im using and optimizing these scripts since 2009, doing tests with the scripts posted the classic AVS forum thread.. (Subjunk) .. and its fantastic to see that each day we can improve a little more our scripts and get the best from our machines wink

Thanks a lot pal! smile

Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

im sorry but,

how to save the override.js file ??

if i want so to save it ( with the modification ) i have no access message !?

Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

You need to use administrator's privileges.
Start - Programs - Accessories - Right Click on Notepad - Run As Administrator - open override.js in it (or drag and drop override.js from explorer).

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Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

Hi! i'm kinda new to svp i wanted to know how to apply this: override.js: = 0; - 39% in an avisynth script in potplayer

Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

You need to open file override.js with notepad from folder SVP 4\scripts
Take line you need from file override_list.txt and paste it into override.js just between lines:



change value. In your case to 0:

/***** INSERT BELOW THIS LINE *****/        = 0;

It will override profile setting: Search radius (See picture below)

The description of setting

Search range on finest level:
0 - don't search on finest level at all, greatly increase search speed but may still looks good with GPU rendering. This option is opposite to "super.pel".

See more in this manual:

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Re: 11px 10px 9px motion vectors grid?

vlw MAG79