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I can’t upload the episodes themselves but if anyone wants to see what I mean: … ab2d9ab939

Download episode 1 (stuttery) and 6 (smooth) and you can already see the difference in stutters in the opening song scene.

I guess it’s not on SVP but on the video source itself, but what is exactly different between those 2 episodes that causes these stutters to happen? Is this fixable by adjusting settings in SVP?

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pls help

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ep.1 is a 24 fps video encoded as 30 fps (with some frames duplicated), ep.6 is just a true 24 fps

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I'm not well versed in stuff like this but I guess SVP doesn't like sources like these huh? So there's nothing left to do except just switching source? If there's a way to fix it that would be awesome, since there's no other source like One Pace.

Thank you for responding!

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You can read this tpoic: 24 in 30

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I've had this issue too with some older anime i'm watching.

I tried MAG79's suggestion, but i couldn't get subtitles to display.

My workaround: (Make a backup of your SVP files first, as i cannot be held responsible if doing the below creates a rip in spacetime)

1) Download the latest TIVTC from
2) Extract TIVTC.dll from the x64 folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\AviSynth+\plugins64+
3) Copy your generate.js file in C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\script to somewhere like My Documents where you can edit it without admin privileges. (I also made a generate.js.old at this point)
4) Open the copied generate.js in notepad
5) There are 2 sections that need to be changed.


Change the "SelectEvery(2,0)" to "TDecimate(cycle=5)" (including the quote marks)

        VS.push("clip = core.std.SelectEvery(video_in,2,0)");
    else VS.push('clip = video_in');

Change the SelectEvery(video_in,2,0) to TDecimate(cycle=5)

6) Save the file
7) Now copy the modified generate.js into C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\script, saying yes to overwrite.
8) In the SVP GUI, with your desired profile, Scroll down to Duplicate Frames Removal and Select "Remove every other frame"
9) Congrats. You now have 5th frame removal and working subtitles.

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Wow thank you so much for the detailed guide!

Unfortunately I’m still having issues. When I do everything you say, SVP ends up interpolating everything to 95 FPS instead of 60 for some reason.. and even when I force it to 60 it doesn’t look good at all.

Could you try downloading that episode and see if it does the same for you? or maybe I did something wrong?

Either way thank you so much for helping me, if you can add me on Discord I’m more active there Lemrina#5532