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Topic: IF bug since last update

Since the last update, when I set a profile to be played when the source file has X frame rate, that won´t apply at all, and when I restart the program, the IF with X frame rate disappear from the IF list of the profile, and from the config file.
The other IF options work fine.


Re: IF bug since last update

Can confirm I am also having this issue since the last update, it only seems to be happening for some conditions. I have found Video frame rate, Width, Height do not save on program exit, some settings do apply like Full file path, Source frame area.

Re: IF bug since last update

ok, I can see it now

you can install the latest "beta" from here: https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=76715
no need to switch from ffdshow though, just ignore those steps

1. update SVP first
2. overwrite files from .zip