Topic: svp4linux - no audio (vaporsynth)

Hello ,

thank you very much for your program, it seems very promising!

i used this guide here

and installed mpv with vaporsynth on devuan beowulf (based on debian buster).

when i use svptube, the video is playing in 60fps, however, with the custom built mpv i get no audio.

tried to insert as request by help page " --input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsocket" into "mpv_args" in "all settings" in the appliaction settings, but the program would not let me do it in the program windows.

it seems that the built mpv somehow messed up the previous config (i had mpv built from repository enabled previously, but had deinstalled it prior to building it manually)?

other  video players play audio fine, just the custom built mpv makes this error.

Re: svp4linux - no audio (vaporsynth)

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Re: svp4linux - no audio (vaporsynth)

thanks, i found also this here … eo/1172046

EDIT: now it functions.

i did use the solution in the link above and in the process also installed the 2 packages as suggested by you.