Topic: Ubtuntu vapoursynth detection

I'm trying to compile vapoursyth and mpv in ubuntu 18.04 using the linux section in the wiki. When I execute make -j4 for vapoursynth, it spits out several errors that I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting. Here's the output:

Of course when I go to build mpv it can't detect vapoursynth.

Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

Re: Ubtuntu vapoursynth detection

> No rule to make target 'src/core/kerne/x86/generic_avx2.cpp'

I'd say: grab the latest release tag, not the master branch.

git clone -b "R47.2"

Re: Ubtuntu vapoursynth detection

It seems to be better, but running make -j4 still spits out an error along the line, and terminates seemingly before doing much.

Re: Ubtuntu vapoursynth detection

Vapoursynth now needs cython 0.28 or greater

18.04 has only 0.26

Re: Ubtuntu vapoursynth detection

Thanks for the help!. I seem to have gotten it installed but I'm having some issues that I'll work on some other time. I stuck ubuntu 19.04 in a virtual machine to make sure I'm competent enough to install it lol. I still had to grab the vapoursynth release instead of straight off the master branch, but it worked without an issues otherwise.