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Topic: SVP 4 doesnt work

i am using SVP 4 on windows 10 and i always get these errors. SVP wont recognize any videos on MPC 32 bit.
Can anyone help me please?
23:45:46.629 [W]: PlaybackObjectsCollection: id not exist
23:46:11.236 [W]: FFDShow: ignoring ffdshow video decoder
i have followed the guide of the SVP-team
and this is a new installation

Re: SVP 4 doesnt work

you probably added "ffdshow video decoder" instead of "ffdshow raw video filter" to the filters list

and next time please provide full log

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Re: SVP 4 doesnt work

i have only "ffdshow raw video filter" added to the filters in mpc
im sorry. i have now added the log

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Re: SVP 4 doesnt work

this's a cracked old version
buy a license and download the latest version