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Topic: SVP 32 is not installed?

Hello, svp pro 4 is update, and no works with any video player?

Ther is a message in win 10 in attachments

Thanks for your help


Re: SVP 32 is not installed?

I think it is mean you have not 32-bit engine installed. Just install it.
SVP menu - Unitilies - Additional programs and features... - Add or Remove - select [DS_32] Core, [DS_32] ffdShow, [DS_32] MPC-HC.

If no success then send us problem report please.
SVP menu - Information - Send problem  report...

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Re: SVP 32 is not installed?

Hello, ok thanks

I have add select [DS_32] Core, [DS_32] ffdShow, [DS_32] MPC-HC

I have test with MPC-HC but there is no 60 FPS ...

I send you a report

Re: SVP 32 is not installed?

I've look your report. Looks like you have installation issues. You need to completely reinstall SVP.