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Topic: mpv vobsub lag / MPC-HC + MadVR & SVP = no 10bit?

1. I've been having a problem with mpv subtitles lagging (embedded vobsub)

They sometimes show up, sometimes halfway throughout a sentence. It's not so much  lag but like the subs are having a hard time showing up. some people say it's ffmpeg but since mpv comes prepackaged with SVP i don't really have any

control over that. can anyone help? Should i install ffmpeg separately? some say libass is the issue also

2. , so ive been testing  MPC-HC and while the subtitles work fine, i can't get it to display in 10bit. I've already tried exclusive fullscreen, enabling 10bit in madvr settings.

I've searched and searched...nothing has helped.

At least i dont think it's 10bit because svp normally says whenever i load up a video, mpv says 59.940/10bit, mpc-hc just says 59.940