Topic: svpflow (AVS+ colorspaces?)

I know the libs work in floating point, and with VS, we can process hi10p video.

Would there be any benefit to updating the svpflow libraries to allow colorspaces >YV12?
Say, YUV420PS (from avsresize/zlib) for transcoding offline and then converting to hi10p in the end?

For example, a working script like this (truncated for a general idea)

z_ConvertFormat (pixel_type="YUV420PS") ### convert to floating point for placebo accuracy when resizing
z_ConvertFormat (1280, 720, resample_filter="spline36")
## keep in floating point for extra placebo conversion to higher frame rates
## then dither down for transoding in hi10p or yv12
z_ConvertFormat(pixel_type="YUV420P10", dither_type="error_diffusion")
#z_ConvertFormat(pixel_type="YV12", dither_type="error_diffusion")

With AVS+ and avsresize/z.lib ("z_ConvertFormat"), we should do everything in float (or extra float on top of float).