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Hi Team,

Not sure if this topic belongs here but I've noticed that 50fps clips stay at 50fps in SVP 4 pro.
All other frame-rates are working fine and output to 60fps including 4K content. just not "50fps".

I'm using MPC-HC with MadVR and I've checked that the custom framerates are set to 60 in MPC-HC

Am I missing something?

I've attached the logfile from SVP.


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Re: 50fps to 60fps

Thanks for the quick reply.

I checked the LAV video decoder settings - all is correct .

So if I'm reading the wiki correctly, 50fps will stay at 50fps?
(I understand 60 stays at 60)

Re: 50fps to 60fps

20:54:22.450 : VideoPlayer: new ffdshow video [70a28] in mpc-hc.exe (32-bit) [MPC-HC] on screen 0
20:54:22.475 : Media: video 1280x720 [PAR 1.000] at 50.000 fps [constant]
20:54:22.475 : Media: codec type is AVC, YUV/4:2:0/8 bits
20:54:22.476 : VideoPlayer: clear AVS script previously set by SVP
20:54:22.479 : Playback: starting up...
20:54:22.485 : Playback [70a28]: Frame server (32-bit), AviSynth+ 0.1 (r2506, MT, i386), C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\avisynth.dll
20:54:22.486 : Playback [70a28]: resulting video frame 1280x720
20:54:22.486 : Playback [70a28]: 2 acceptible profiles, best is 'Copy of Automatic' [0]
20:54:22.487 : Playback [70a28]: enabled while video is playing
20:54:22.487 : Profile: using auto values [5]
20:54:22.490 : Playback [70a28]: playing at 50 [50 *1/1]

20:54:22.561 [W]: Control: failed to register shortcut Meta+Ctrl+V
20:54:22.561 [W]: Control: failed to register shortcut Meta+Ctrl+S

Re: 50fps to 60fps


Interpolating a video with high frame rate can be a very CPU consuming task, because 60->120 fps conversion requires twice as much resource as a 30->120 conversion.

Because of this, SVP has a built-in limiter for the source frame rate to be processed. You can override it by using the All settings window, see value.